How To Find a Domain Owner

How To Find a Domain Owner? With Whois Domain LookUp

When you own a domain or trying to get one for your business website, then you will come to know or search for the title ”How to Find a domain owner”.


“Create Domain name out of website or website out of domain name”


The time you spent for days, weeks, and months for finding the perfect domain name may all go in vain in a fraction of a second if it is owned by any other registrant or buyer.

It makes rethinks or works on the process again to build up the related or new name to start building the website around it. Without that, you can’t even move an inch in the website process.

That’s where you wonder what the heck it is or who that character snatched or bought my domain (literally not yours now) and try to get back in all possible means you can if you are serious about that name.

The question that pops up in your mind is “How to Find a Domain owner” or “ How do I find the owner of a domain name?”. Start searching in google and your mind gets blocked seeing several articles saying numerous ways to find that but you get worked up because of an urgent need to find it to grab.

So let’s have a quick grasp of “How to Find a Domain Owner” so that we can help you in searching, knowing, gathering info and contacting that person or sources that help to get in touch with them.

The Table will let you know what we will cover in this article so that we help you not waste the time on articles unrelated to the information you may need.

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Things to keep in note upfront before jumping:

  • There is no guarantee that anyone can give you who owns the domain even if it is not privacy protected/ID protected. Because even without privacy protection, the registrar itself will have the policy to neglect some of the information to be displayed to the public which also comes under GDPR legislation for the EU.
  • Have a contingency plan or safety plan in place when you don’t know how to find a domain owner or can’t catch the domain.
  • Don’t wait for long-term for a domain to get expired as the other domain good domain name may get snatched at that time.
  • Prepare the best quote or offer on your end that surely can’t be rejected by the owner.
  • If the domain you are looking for has a history of many domain owners, be warned not to buy that domain as it is most probably used as a spam site.


Website Owner Details:

Certain possible ways help you how to find a domain owner or owner of the domain. But what exactly do you have to look up on that website owner information got from that site or portal which would be helpful for you to contact the owner of the domain?

Below is certain information that would help you reach the owner of the domain:

  • Registrar Name/website to contact where the domain is registered to identify the contact details of the registrar to contact them regarding it.
  • Registrar contact mail to mail them directly about in detail which they in return may or may not transfer your query to the owner.
  • Registrant contact information whichever you get like organization, address, phone number and email id.

Note: Registrar only pass the information and the owner will take the final call to contact you.

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Be prepared to buy the domain if the domain status indicates as,

  • If the website is not live, it is possible that the domain owner likes to sell. So it is easy to catch up to buy the domain as he is no more interested in that domain name. You can also check the way back to archive org to see the history of the domain.
  • If the expiry date is near, you can backorder the domain right away when it becomes available without being renewed.
  • If the registrar status shows any of the below statuses then it means that their registrar made the domain to that state or the client itself doesn’t meet the requirement of the registrar policy or the client doesn’t want that domain most probably
  • client on hold
  • client renew prohibited
  • Inactive
  • Redemption period
  • Pending delete
  • Pending renewal (more or less)
  • Pending restoration.


How To Find a Domain Owner:

How to Find a Domain OwnerFinally came to the conclusion and main part of this article to identify the owner of the domain and possible ways that we can end up getting in touch with them.

Let’s get through this article to find it. Take one step and follow the process. Only if fails, move to the next one to save time.



Mode 1: Quick check of the website page

There is no better way than just visiting the website and trying to find out the owner’s details through his about us/contact page or footer section. Because every money site or personal website most probably will have this section to establish the website through their portfolio briefly. With that, you can get mail IDs or phone numbers even social media profiles which can help you get in touch with them live.

Register domain and Buy hosting

Also, they might have a contact information submission form added so that anyone who might be interested to buy their domain can fill out that form with proper details. In that way, they will contact back with the details submitted.

If you have a black mole with you (lucky), your doings will just end up here without wasting much time.

Mode 2: Online domain database for the public (WHOIS)

Every domain that is purchased or an Ip under any of the ICANN regulating registrars has its data stored with the owner and the registrar’s details in publicly visible to the naked eye.

The WHOIS data will contain Registrar, Administration and technical information for every domain either person or corporation. In that, they are entitled to provide their name, mail id, phone number, and address with the proof being submitted to the registrar which will be recorded directly from the registrar.

Check the WHOIS directory for the information and contact them right away.


Mode 3: Directly contact Domain Registrar

As said earlier, you would get both the owner’s and registrar’s details, it is always better to have a second backup plan. So if you fail to retrieve the owner details, then directly contact the registrar who might help you on your case.

Either search the registrar’s name to find their website or you will see that website link there. Give them both call and email to get at least one way to work out if the other one fails.

If you were to mail them, consider the below points to make them feel that you are serious and bring professionalism to the table in your request.

  • Your contact information – both email and phone to contact back
  • Clearcut in Offer – No need to mention a direct offer instead can mention that you are willing to pay to buy that domain genuinely.
  • Show True Legitimacy – Bring everything that better showcases you are a real person and genuine in asking through referring your website or social media profile attached to it.

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WHOIS WEBSITES to find Owner Details:

Just enter or copy-paste the domain name in the search box and click enter to display the information.

Don’t get worked up. Everything that is built around doesn’t make with the first choice or at the first time. So have an alternative domain name to build your website with a Registrar.

Hope the domain goes to the right domain owner.

Frequently Asked Question

How do I look up a domain owner?

Can the owner of a domain be traced?

It is most probably possible due to the domain monitoring by recording in WHOIS about complete changes in the domain. But if privacy is enabled, then you cannot get owner details except that of the registrar and domain validation dates.

Who is the owner of the domain?

The one who registered or currently holds the ownership of the domain name under a domain registrar. If expired and bought by any other person, then he becomes the owner once registered the domain.

Why is it necessary to have a WHOIS database?

The WHOIS database is a way to maintain accountability for people who operate online. It will provide a way for the people who wants to find the current domain owner in order to reach them to resolve any dispute for trademark rights or request for domain ownership transfer.