.gov .edu .mil and .net extentions

What the extensions .gov .edu .mil and .net are called?

Always there is a saying two things connect will create a new dimension. The same goes for the domain name also.

Here, the domain name is an idiosyncratic element that lets you publicize your online address according to your brand name and vision. The other one is an extension that lingers or tails along with that domain the name which mirrors the type of world you have created for your business and its purpose. So when these two things combine they give you an identity or online presence to your audience which is what a so-called Website is. The extension comes with different dimensions based on the preference of your liking or the way your website has been built for. This particular one also takes an important part in determining what type of audience you target or your site will attract based on the type, location, or business model and credibility of your website.

What the extensions .gov .edu .mil and .net are called?

the extensions .gov .edu .mil and .net are calledThe extensions .gov .edu .mil and .net are called domain codes. The answer might seem simple but let us go through some more to know exactly what differentiates them from each other when all are named so-called TLD.

All these have different purposes and are difficult to register by anyone except the destined people except the .net TLD but will have stiff competition while finding the availability of domain name to register.

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.Gov Extension: (Government)

.gov is a government website or domain name which cannot be used or purchased for any purpose by individuals or organisations unless they are government officials. Also, the domain cannot be registered through any of the registrars and is not available for purchase.

It is a top-level domain that was established to help us identify the US-based government organization on the internet with ease. All three US government branches, states, and local bodies use this TLD for their domain name registration.

.Edu Extension: (Education)

.edu is an education website. Like the government website, it is not available to any one individual or organization to register the domain name with .edu TLD through any of the registrars. In simple, only schools, colleges, universities or educational institutes only can register the domain name with valid documents and certificates. Also, only postsecondary institutions and organizations that are accredited by the respective government Department of Education recognized are eligible to register the .edu domain.

.Mil Extension: (Military)

All three .gov, .edu, and .mil cannot be registered by anyone either individual or organization to register the domain name with these TLDs through any of the registrars even with us. That is because it comes under top security and protection for identity which concerns the government. The .mil TLD is a military website that is often used by military officials as their mail id to identify the person by common people as military officials. Without that mail id, at last, no one can confirm or declare themselves to others as working in the military and misuse the service.

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.NET Extension: (Network)

As you can get clear with the extension name, .NET is a network-based website or business that can be registered by anyone that relates their website or business to the network field. That does not mean it restricts others from registering the domain name but it will become a fallback if you purchase a domain name with a different extension that is unrelated to your business field or website content.

Naturally, the visitors think that your website is network related and will eventually go away to other competitor websites, or visitor that comes to your site will feel irritated or feel frustrated that they landed on the wrong platform or they have been deceived or all the website information is fake even if it true.

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Hope this article helps you identify the differentiation from other TLDs and sharpen your knowledge.