Best domain extension TLD

Best domain extension for SEO: Right TLD for Business Website

What is the Best domain extension for SEO? – There are lots of domain extensions available for business. You can choose any one of the domain extensions when you are selecting the domain name for your website. Extensions are different based on availability and popularity. You have a lot of options when deciding which domain extension is best. Here we will discuss how you will choose the best one, also which one is the best domain extension for SEO.

Before choosing the domain extension you have to consider the below things,

  • Most familiar and what most users expect.
  • Easier to remember.
  • The extension will get more backlinks.

Best domain extension TLD

What is Domain Extension?

A Domain extension is also referred to as a “Top Level Domain”(TLD). It is part of your domain URL. This appears the end of the primary domain. For example ->, the domain extension is .com.

There are lots of domain extensions beyond .com. For example .net, .blog, .edu, .us etc. there are lot of domain extensions available. Here is the best domain extension for SEO.

  1. .com
  2. .net
  3. .org
  4. .co
  5. .biz


  1. .com extension for SEO 

The .com domain extension stands for “Commercial” organizations. Nowadays it is the most popular URL for lot of websites. It is the most common extension and easier for people to remember. While registering if your domain is available with a .com extension, buy it, even if you are looking for another extension. Because clients will find your website easily. SEO also requires the same. .com extension (TLD) will provide the best SEO result for any website like personal, business, blog, startup company, or online store.

When we hear a domain name for the first time,  automatically mind thinks of the .com extension. Because it is most familiar and accustomed to TLD.

  1. .net extension for SEO 

The .net domain extension is mostly like .com extension. .net extension also can work for all types of websites. It is the second best option for your websites if the .com extension is not available. The expense is less compared to the .com extension. The TLD is intended for internet providers and is more common for technology and web companies. Now it become a popular alternative to .com websites.

If you have a tech/web-based website the .net TLD is the best option. Most of the internet brands in the world have a .net domain extension.

  1. .org extension for SEO

.org domain extension designed for “not-for-profit organizations” but nowadays it is available to anyone. It is a popular domain extension for nonprofits, online communities, political parties, and non-governmental organizations. Many web users do not associate .org TLD with commercial brands.

The .org domain extension is carries some SEO benefits as a .com extension. It is less popular than the .com extension. So you will find the desired domain with the .org extension. Build your websites with a .org extension for communities and knowledge bases.

  1. .co extension for SEO

The .co domain extension was originally designated for Colombia country code. In recent years it has become a popular TLD for global domains. Now days looks like it is a fresher version of .com.  The .co TLD is associated with startup businesses. .com TLD is the most popular and widely accepted, .co TLD is newer and shorter, beloved by businesses and entrepreneurs. So .co is widely available than .com.

You also might consider the .co extension because of its availability while registering. When registering  .com domains are rarely available. If it is available you have to pay more. But .co extension is less than that. Also, it gives you more options and flexibility. We at SeekaHost India offer .co domains just at INR 99/year.  Search and register now!

  1. .biz extension for SEO

The .biz  domain extension is intended for businesses. It is less popular than .com and .co extension. The .biz domain extension is restricted to businesses and e-commerce websites. The expense is less compared to the .com extension. It also carries SEO benefits. If the .com extension is not available for your business and e-commerce websites, register with the .biz extension.

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