Become A Blogger: We Will Teach You How To Become a Top Blogger In India

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At ClickDo we want to teach you how to become a blogger and be among the top bloggers in India to earn money blogging.

ClickDo India was started by the international blogger Fernando Raymond and he has a mission to help 100 million people get online to make a living doing what they love.

So let’s see how you can become a blogger and grow with us via this blogging platform.

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  • The ClickDo India Blog and many other blogs are part of the established UK ClickDo brand with hundreds of successful blogs under its roof as a thriving digital marketing agency in London.
  • The ClickDo India Blog and other blogs will offer the perfect platforms to make your voice as a writer heard and build your name in the competitive digital marketplace.
  • The ClickDo India Blog and other blogs will provide the top 10 blogger experts in India, selected by our ClickDo panel, with author access to self-publish their expert articles (after approval), including a top notch author profile with links to personal platforms, an author bio, and profile picture.
  • The ClickDo India Blog and other blogs will offer you a highly-sought after platform to share your experiences, recommendations and tips related to digital marketing and business.
  • As a ClickDo India blogger expert you will gain exposure within our vast network of other blogs and social media channels.
  • The top 10 ClickDo India blogger experts will also benefit from free access to our amazing SeekaHost University, where many expert online courses are up and running to learn digital marketing skills like SEO, FB Remarketing, content writing and especially how to monetize your blog with the Blog For Profits
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  • ClickDo can offer even more learning resources for blogging through in-depth blogging guides and books.

Become a successful blogger expert with ClickDo


Interested? Show us what you got and apply via the SeekaHost University Write For Us page where you can add a draft of your guest post or any other documents/files that display your impressive blogger portfolio or writing samples to give us an idea why you should become one of the 10 top ClickDo India blogger expert trainees.

If you are approved by our blogging expert team, you may get the opportunity to make hundreds of guest post contributions on the many other blogs we manage to build your author and blogger portfolio and grow your own blog. Plus you will get free access to some of our online courses that will help you improve your blogging and SEO skills.

Remember: anything you send us should be relevant to our blogs and readers! We want to know what you can contribute to make this blog big. In return, we’ll support you to become the next big blogger in India.

What next?

Once we have received your application or draft article, you’ll be notified if you’ve been shortlisted. We might ask for more information in order to make a final decision so we’ll be in touch with you. The top 10 blogger experts will receive a nomination email with author access to a selected ClickDo blog. They will receive an author profile on the selected blogs and their guest articles will be shared on our ClickDo social media channels.

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Best blogger expert competition on ClickDo India Blog

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