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Simple Ways to Speed up Your Website

Importance of Website

Website is the source for a Business over online. In Olden Days, the user or customer will reach the shop or company to purchase some products or to hire the services needed for them. But when it comes to the Digital or Online World, people will search for the product or services online and they will compare the features with various brands or websites. If this is the case then a website plays a major role for a business over online.

To build a website it is just enough to have a domain and hosting. It is recommended to purchase the domain and hosting from the most trustable hosting providers like Seekahost.

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Is it enough to have a Website?

No, it is not enough to have a website alone. A website must be developed and designed in an attractive way such that the content must be clearly presented for the visitors. Also, it must be represented in such a way that the visitors will feel easy to understand the features and specialties clearly.

Ways to Speed up Website

It is the responsibility of the web developers to ensure that the website loads quickly to make the user convenient. No one will wait for the website to load for a long time, if so then they will switch over to another website. This is very much important to be considered to make the users stay on our website.

Simple Steps to Speed Up the Website

There are various Online Tools to check the website speed like PageSpeed Insights, Pingdom and also you can test the Mobile Website Speed through Test My Site. So these sites will help you to analyze the webpage speed and also will highlight the things to be sorted for better speed. Some of the common page speed issues recommended to solve in most of the websites will be Image Optimization, Minify HTML, Minify CSS, Minify JS, Leverage Browser Cache, Reduce server response time, Enable compression, and so on.

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In PageSpeed Insights after the complete analysis, it will suggest “Show how to fix” if you click on that then it will show the errors and percentage that can be reduced to make the webpage load fast. Add the Image after proper optimization by reducing the size to solve the page optimization.  To avoid the cache implementation issues, we can install the cache plugins like W3 Total Cache or WP Fastest Cache. These plugins will solve those issues and help the webpage to load faster.

To optimize more, it is recommended to hire Page Speed Optimization Services from the Experts who can load your website at super-fast with proper content as well.

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