SEO Is Still Domain Authority An Important Ranking Factor

Optimize Your Website with Unchanged Ranking Factors

Search Engine Optimization is the method used to optimize and rank a website on the top of search engine result page. The Search Engines are the bots which list the web pages of various websites for each keyword. The webpages will be ordered based on various ranking signals called Search Engine Ranking Factors.

To provide the user personalized and accurate results, the search engine algorithms were kept updated. So if you are optimizing your websites based on some ranking signals then next update may affect the ranking of your website. This is the reason why most of the websites were losing their ranking during each search engine update.

On the other side, if a search engine algorithm is updated it won’t update the whole algorithm. There are 200+ ranking factors so it is not possible to change all of them. Here I have mentioned the unchanged ranking factors to optimize your website in a better way.

Unchanged Ranking Factors

Title Tag

Title Tag will be shown on the top of every webpage listed in the Search Engine Result Page. It is the title of a webpage and it will be all about the content present in that particular web page. So the ranking factor will be influenced by the title tag and its priority will never be going to reduce at any time.article title



A description is a place where people used to describe the content present in the webpage within the character limit of 320. It will be displayed in the search engine result page for each web page. If suppose there is some quality content on the webpage and there is no description tag, then the content will be taken as the description. So the description must have some good influence over the search results.

Effective description

Keyword Density

The keyword is a word or a phrase using which the people will search for something over the web. Whatever the people use is said to be the keyword. Also based on this keyword only ranking factors of each web pages will be calculated and ranked in the search results. So keyword density is very much important to make sure the content is relevant the targeted keyword. Excess presence of a keyword will be said to be the keyword stuffing and this activity may lead to website penalise.

keyword quality

Image & Alt Tag

Presence of a Media contents was most welcomed for better understanding and visual representation. So using the appropriate images with proper image name and alternative tags will help the webpage to rank in the top of search results.