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How To Make Money Online In India (Best Ways To Earn in 2024)

If you’re someone who is looking for “I have a laptop and How to make money online in India“. You know what you want and what you need to do to survive in life and run your soul until it tires and get some money. Work hard and smart till you enjoy it and until you achieve what you want.

Let us help you in your dream with this article to let you know how many unknown and little-known jobs exist as online work or work from home in India. This article mostly covers the job or work online without making any investment or investment which itself is a way of earning.

Get started to work then.



Who the WFH is suitable for?

  • Students
  • People who need extra income or a side gig to achieve their other dream job
  • People who are still confused about what job to start with
  • Like to have learning exposure to different job
  • Unemployed people


Things to consider before starting the work:

  • Choose not a method to get rich quickly because that is not a way it will work
  • Search for free resources
  • Avoid data entry, form filling, or typing job
  • Do not choose two or three works at a time
  • Don’t charge for minor works, because you only know your worth
  • Don’t take long work hours tasks unless it pays you worth for it.


Things that you need before start earning money:

  • Data connection with high-speed connectivity
  • Laptop and mobile
  • Headphone (only if needed for that work but having it is better)
  • Important software like viewing pdf, editing documents, viewing images, data record sheets, VPN
  • USB connection
  • Have enough available time


10 Fastest Ways – How To Make Money Online In India:

Best ways on how to make money online in India for students or beginners without investment and living the Laptop lifestyle. Beginners guide for earning money while working from home in 2024.

  1. Test the website and give feedback

Like testing the product and reviewing it online via YouTube, an online portal, blog, or anyway and earning a commission or sponsors based on that. But what makes the test website a little different is you need some technical knowledge of it and at least some understanding of what the requirement is also, you will be paid some amount for It by giving complete feedback about it by mail or designated portal to them. It also means reviewing the website or an app that they have designed recently and is ready to be launched live and giving a hint of How To Make Money Online In India for students. When you go to a Play Store, you see some apps have a beta version which is to know the pros and cons of the app as well as enjoy the app like a test run before the complete launch. They will take into account whatever complaints or suggestions consumers give to identify the core issues and rectify them before launch.


  1. Voice-over work

When you can lend your voice for a purpose, you can earn money for it. Curious? But for this, you don’t need to have a super singer or any musical singing voice but have good fluency and correct pronunciation along with your uniqueness on the project.  The better part of this work is that the person who feels lonely or introverted or does not talk much can showcase their skills or things they like to show in the way of their voice without revealing their face to the world. It does not stop at any place because this role has wide options in simple terms whatever subject you choose there will be a voice-over option on that. It has two ways, either narration or non-narration.


  1. Mystery shopping

What I wonder about this job is you can’t say this one is whether we can start work on this or not because we have to pay for the things we buy. But stop questioning that. Because that is part and parcel of the job. Remember the money you spend will not be wasted as you will own it or getting experience it first-hand before anyone. First, you have to search for the company that provides the job service of mystery shopping. It must on your own expense or can get others’ help because if you land on the fraudulent hand, then there is no limit to the loss of amount occurring through that job. Once it’s confirmed as a legitimate, trustful company, then half the work is done. The only thing you have to do next is finish the tasks they give. You will be acting as a portray as an actual customer rather than a real-time customer. The best and most enjoyable part of this work is that you can gain and explore lot and lot of different business fields along with their product testing on your own so that you can know what is a good product and what is not including about the company’s work atmosphere or the company. This can also help to learn about “How To Make Money Online In India for students” The main thing you must have on this observation is testing skills and some good explanation of the experience you had. The main concept is you gain exposure to the product and company and the company gains what area they lacking and helps them to act upon them.


  1. Test Games app

If you are a fun and game-loving person, then it will take the gaming fun to the next level. Like testing the website, you have to try a gaming app or game online. But it will have its cons more than pros and that will depend on how you manage/handle things with the testing time allocation.  But unlike other jobs where it will be stopped after the assigned task is over, this testing will come over and over again after each test submitted as the bug will be fixed on each test and have that bug tested again to identify if there are any other issues arise out of that bug fix. But don’t worry you will get paid for that also before the task assigned which you have to know better before starting it. In this testing, types of testing techniques there as follows,

  • Functional Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Conformance /Compliance Testing
  • Localization testing
  • Soak testing
  • Recovery testing
  • Security testing
  • Other Games testing (Sound Testing)


  1. Tutor students online

Having a store of knowledge within is a loss of knowledge. As the saying, if you have more knowledge in a field you should share it with others and use it in everyday life with great effectiveness. If you can enjoy life with others and explore your knowledge with them the time will be more productive. In this field, you just need good speaking skills, good planning on how to lecture individually and to all that they won’t get distracted from your lecture, and some fun to make them live in the moment eager. You can also create a course structure and tutor the students online to which they have access and get charged accordingly for it. You can do this internationally also as long as you have a good accent or good knowledge of English grammatically with fluently. To make it possible, find the right portal or website that provides this option, or go solo.


  1. Website flipping

A simple process buy a website and sell it. But the process the keeping the website value live with your SEO magic is what the game is all about. Once you buy a domain that already has high traffic, good content, and enough ranking, then your job is simple, just to keep the works already done to keep live means Google must find that they are still live online not down. If you bought a new domain without any existing content in it, then the process itself is big and will take a few years to make it auction. You should buy high-profile niche websites or an expired domain and that can be done from numerous portals that are selling it. In this work, the only part you have to do from your end is to identify the right website with good content, backlinks, and SEO works with the knowledge of expired domain topics and sells that on a respective portal at a profitable price.


  1. Virtual Assistant

If you like to do organizing things, planning, or doing any administrative tasks, then the virtual assistant job will right fit for you. Instead of doing the tasks in the office, you can do them online like administrative roles, technical and sales or marketing, and many more office tasks, and the only thing you need for that to accomplish is to know how to handle online tools and software for those tasks or project management to record everything in detail. Some skills that you need to accomplish this task are communication, time management, and writing. You can stand alone in this work and accomplish it with an experience in hand.

  • Service to offer,
  • Social media
  • Blogging
  • E-commerce
  • General Admin
  • Content produce
  • Finance


  1. Translator

Do you need a degree to become a translator? No, not. It will just give some inputs from the knowledge gathered from that study. But in this, the real knowledge is how much you can natively speak of a particular foreign language with some solid understanding of the culture, living, and history of their country. Along with that, you need to have speaking skills, writing skills, empathy, social skill,s and empathy. Why say the need for empathy is that, if you talk or write as a translator, they might feel like you are just a translator and not understand their need fully. But if you do the job with some empathy in it. It will add more value to the work and also will help to understand their question better and answer it accordingly which satisfies their requirement better.


  1. Recruiter

Now you can also become a Recruiter without working the job at the office. Yes. If you have the skills that are fit for the online Recruitment role and process, then you can go for it. You need to have exposure or good knowledge and analysis skills including staffing, talent acquisition, hiring, sourcing, etc, and then do those tasks from home itself. You will have a job description about what role you need to choose the candidate for and where to search for their profile. In some cases, they may give an open option and let you choose the candidate from the available job portals. For that, you have to make sure you are choosing the right candidate that fits the company’s requirements, filtering the resumes well, good listening and questioning when interacting with the candidate if needed.


  1. Editor

If you want to be a content writer but want to have a change on it but also earn at the same time? Then the Editor role is the one that you must choose. As a content writer, you write content for websites, blogs, personal, and any. But as an editor, you will be assigned the task of rectifying or checking for mistakes, grammatical errors, better word placement, or removing unwanted lines, etc on the content that is already created. You just need to be detail-oriented, focused, and knack for content to do the job. Even though there are machines or apps or software there for it does automatically there is no way a human can replace them and still some of the work needs humans to do it.

These are all some of the few online jobs that we wish to list and show you here. There is a lot more job that exists but are not aware of and also, has been creating more new jobs based on the requirement.

Search the job and Catch the market.

There are many ways to learn how to make money online in India while you work from home with a Laptop Lifestyle and an internet connection.

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Why should you start earning money online in India?

make-money-online-in-indiaEarning money online in India is fun and you can do it from home. Basically, as long as you have an internet connection and a laptop you can start earning. There are so many people who made fortunes online.

If you search for ways to earn on the internet, you will come across top bloggers and superstar-level people on the web. Look at guys like Harsh Agrawal at ShoutMeLoud (SML) for example, they are very popular in India being a top player in the Indian online money game. Another guy is Kulwant Nagi Passionate Blogger, Speaker, and World Traveller who built his empire with Blogging Cage. You can see the lifestyle they live and how they have grown their careers as bloggers or affiliate marketers who earn their money via the internet.

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By simply using your smartphone you can start earning – yes, this sounds too good to be true, but on this website, we want to give you all the knowledge you need to start the game.

What are the best ways to make money online?

There are so many ways, but we’ve listed the best:

Top 10 standard ways to earn online from home

  • Start a blog, build it, and monetize it with advertising – learn to start a blog here
  • Preet-Sandhu-BloggerReview websites, products, and services on your blog and get paid to do so. See what Preet Sandhu does at, you may read her story to get an idea about it. She is a blogger from Chandigarh, India.
  • Take online surveys and look at many websites to help you get started. We will list some later on this page.
  • Do content writing for other blogs/websites. This is a great way as long as you master the art of SEO-friendly content writing. You can hit us up if you are a good content writer because we are looking for content every day.
  • Affiliate marketing – This is huge and the earning potential is so big. Ask Kulwant Nagi about how he earns money online as an affiliate marketer.Kulwant-Nagi-makes-online-in-india
  • Become a Fiverr gigs seller. Check and you see how you can get started with a skill you have already.
  • Saket-Wahi-make-money-online-selling-expired-domainsLearn to find expired domains online and sell them to SEO agencies & SEO consultants. Ask Saket Wahi who made hundreds of thousands of dollars finding and selling expired domains.
  • Offer SEO services online for business owners around the world. Learn to do SEO consultancy and help business owners with ranking their business websites and they will happily pay you hundreds to thousands of dollars each month.
  • Build websites for businesses around the world. We found Zakirhusain Khatri online and he built some amazing websites for us and our clients. He is a real example of an online hustler who earns money online as a web developer.
  • Use Facebook advertising consultancy – Lead generation for businesses through Facebook. This is a great way and you can learn it all by taking the online course done by Logesh Kumar and Fernando Facebook Remarketing Course – Pixel Arrow Training

You just read the top 10 ways that are proven to work and made our way into the digital economy with the above steps mentioned.