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Meta News Keywords – No Longer Supported by Google

Meta News Keywords

The goal of implementing News Keywords is to help Google properly organize your content. By using this news keywords, you can define more appropriate news keywords related to your article. The article must naturally contain names, terms, and figures. One of the best ways to ensure your story appears at the top for more particular user queries is to make sure you present content in an appealing way towards the usres. Here is a Code that helps Google news to understand the nature of the content:

<meta name=”news_keywords” content=” Add your Topic here”>

This code helps Google news to understand your content topic. Also, when people are in search of particular quires, based on your news keywords, Google will display your Story in SERP (Search Engine Results Page). This helps news writers to express their story more naturally and present them properly to the users.

Whats the new announcement from Google?

Now, Google announced that it no longer supports the meta-news keyword tag. This change has not been noticed by many webmasters for months. Google reveals that they are not supporting meta news keywords for months. While thinking about meta news keyword tag drop, the reason could be the low adoption rate. The usage of this meta news keyword tag is extremely low. Hence, this could also be the reason for dropping.

If you already have meta news keywords tag on your website, you don’t want to do anything. Just leave them as it is. Don’t use them in future. Even if you use the meta-news keyword tags in future, it will not harm in any way. Even if you add them, Google will just ignore the news tags.