CyberPanel Hosting

SeekaHost India comes with the new Cyberpanel VPS hosting to control your hosting sites under your VPS!

Host your Websites at ease in the cloud with CyberPanel, without the hiring of Linux admin. Furthermore paying 20x as much to the other slow hosting companies!

 Meanwhile, you will get powerful Open-Source GUI For your VPS. CyberPanel is a popular server control panel powered by LiteSpeed Web Server and yet it makes easy and secure servers.

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SeekaHost CyberPanel Hosting

SeekaHost India CyberPanel Hosting Pricing Plans!

Cyber Starter

Get started with your minimum investment.

Start at
₹649 INR/month

  • CPU - 1vCPU
  • RAM - 2 GB
  • Control Panel - CyberPanel (Free)
  • Litespeed Server
  • Disk Space - 50 GB
  • Bandwidth - 1000 GB
  • Installation Automated
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Cyber Optimum

Get started with your minimum investment.

Start at
₹1700 INR/month

  • CPU - 2 Core
  • RAM - 4 GB
  • Control Panel - CyberPanel (Free)
  • Litespeed Server
  • Disk Space - 100 GB
  • Bandwidth - 1500 GB
  • Installation Automated
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Cyber Prime

Get started with your minimum investment.

Start at
₹2500 INR/month

  • CPU - 4 Core
  • RAM - 6 GB
  • Control Panel - CyberPanel (Free)
  • Litespeed Server
  • Disk Space - 150 GB
  • Bandwidth - 2000 GB
  • Installation Automated
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What makes CyberPanel Specialized?

Now experience the performance of liteSpeed. With OpenLiteSpeed, you can manage unlimited servers with unlimited sites for free!

  • CyberPanel uses LiteSpeed Web Server, which a lot of people like because of its performance similar to how cpanel liked for it’s user-friendly.
  • In addition, cyberPanel has a tight integration with LiteSpeed and it is only hosting panel that natively supports OpenLiteSpeed and LiteSpeed Enterprise right out of the box.
  • Obviously, cyberPanel is a popular server control panel that makes it easy to spin up secure servers powered by LiteSpeed Web Server. Also, it is free, open-source version, which is great if you’re on a budget.
  • Since it uses OpenLiteSpeed, you can manage unlimited servers with unlimited sites for free. A lot of people have switched from cPanel to CyberPanel as a result of cPanel’s price increases.
Best Cyberpanel Performance

What makes you to use CyberPanel?

Cyberpanel now comes up with the centos 7 pre installed on our Cyber prime hosting plan ! Host your website in a Secured CyberPanel environment.

cyberpanel vps hosting with openlitespeed
  • Firstly, it is the most powerful Web Hosting Panel which is powered by OpenLiteSpeed, with the auto backups feature to DO Spaces..
  • Secondly, it has varies features that needed for the site to run effectively. DNS, Email server, FTP and Web are all included.
  • Thirdly, one of the special feature of CyberPanel is GIT deployments. The CyberPanel allows you to mount GIT repos from Gitlab & Github to your sites and provides you to deploy the code from the GIT webhooks.
  • Finally, another aspect of the CyberPanel is Security, It only uses LiteSpeed other than the Apache and Nginx. LiteSpeed is Immune to many type of vulnerabilities like PHP and HTTP that exploits by the hacker to access your sites.

Features of CyberPanel

Dedicated Resources

Dedicated Resources

We provide you with enough option to choose the dedicated resources based on your requirements.

Auto Installer

Auto Installer

One Click Auto Installer option with CyberPanel makes the installation under a click.


Kernel-based Virtual Machine

Kernel-based Virtual Machine Lets you to run your servers Multiple Virtual Environments at ease.

Free Priority Support

Free Priority Support

Our responsive support system gives instant response to solve all your technical issues in minimum time.

Super Fast Virtual Server

Super Fast Virtual Private Server

SSD provides 20X quicker storage than the standard hard disk drives. Request delivered quicker than the lightning !

Tier III – Datacenter

Tier III - Datacenter

Tier-3 Datacenter with the most dual CPU server hardware in different Indian locations, fast performance and a guaranteed uptime.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Not so. But you just need to have a basic understanding of Linux system..

CyberPanel comes with OpenLitespeed which alows you to host unlimited domains on the server.

CyberPanel is a web hosting control panel by OpenLitespeed. It have auto backups, auto SSL setup, FTP server, PHP management and more. You can install CyberPanel on Seekahost VPS server and host wordpress sites in it.

After getting the VPS with CyberPanel, login via https://your_vps_ip:8090.

No, it is primarily support for Openlitespeed and Litespeed Enterprise.

Yes. Litespeed gives faster performance than NGINX with 10 times faster response to their request.

CyberPanel is free to install and deploy as many as websites. You can also install paid version.

Yes. IT is the first open-source control panel which supports both OpenLiteSpeed and LiteSpeed Enterprise.

Login to panel -> Edit Profile -> Modify User -> Enter the new password.

cPanel is very complex compared to CyberPanel which have all basics and advanced features with a user-friendly GUI.