Local SEO Strategies

Important Tips for Effective Link Building


Pointing another webpage from a webpage by placing the URL over a text or a naked URL in a webpage. Based on the way of linking it is classified as a link with Anchor Text and Naked URL. It is one type of classification and based on the webpage links it is classified as Internal Links and External Links.

Internal Linking

Linking to a webpage in a domain from a webpage within the same domain is termed Internal Linking. For Example: If am pointing Our Team Page in SeekaHost(https://www.seekahost.in/our-team/) from the Home Page (https://www.seekahost.in) then it is said to be internal linking.

Proper Internal linking will help to build a website structure that will get reflected in the Search Results. Our domain will appear with the site links which look like the most trusted website.

Tips for Link Building

External Linking

Linking to a webpage in a domain from a webpage in another domain is termed External Linking. For Example: If a link is pointing to the home page (https://www.seekahost.in) from other domains like Pinterest(https://in.pinterest.com/) then it is said to be an external link.

In terms of linking, Building internal links is so easy task because it is just building the links within our website. If we increase the number of pages and start building links then the number of internal linking will be too high and too good. But building the external links is not an easy task, because external links were too worthy to get from high-quality sites.


How the Quality of a link is measured?

The quality of a link is measured by the domain and page authority of that domain. For a domain, a term used to measure the quality is Domain Authority (DA) and for a web page, it is termed as Page Authority (PA). Both the Domain Authority and Page Authority won’t be the same. It is important to check the page authority of a webpage from where we get the link to our webpage.

Importance of Anchor Text

In both Internal linking and External linking, anchor text plays a vital role. A clickable text with a hyperlink is termed the anchor text. Using the relevant words based on the target page will help in ranking a webpage. So make sure anchor texts will have the keywords to increase the relevancy and trust of a webpage for better ranking.

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