How To Target The Customers Using Facebook Pixel?

Remarketing is the strategy used by the digital marketing experts to target the customers who have already visited your business website. Remarketing is applicable in both the Google platforms and in Facebook. In Google, Remarketing works well for the display advertising.

Facebook pixel:

Facebook Pixel is the piece of code which when integrated on the website will keep track of all the Facebook Ids of the users who are visiting your website. Later based on the Facebook Pixel data you can target the customers by showing Ads them on Facebook.

How to target the customers using Facebook Pixel

Integrating Pixel Code On Website:

  • Log in to the Facebook Adwords account and click on the Pixels tab in the Events Manager.
  • Click on Setup Pixel & you will end up in creating a Pixel.
  • Copy the Facebook Pixel Code and insert them manually on the site
  • Paste the Pixel code in the header section of the theme, that is above the </head>
  • Or else, you can use the Google tag manager to add the Pixel code to the website.
  • Save the theme, now you have created the Facebook Pixel for your business website.

Target the customers using Facebook Pixel

Don’t rely on any plugins for integrating the code with the website, Updating the code manually on the site will be more effective. Also, make sure that after every theme update the Pixel code remains same in the header section.

How to check whether the Facebook Pixel is Integrated Successfully?

Google Chrome provides an extension called “Facebook Pixel Helper”. By using this extension you can check whether you have integrated the Pixel code successfully with the website.

target the customers using Facebook Pixel data

Advantages of Facebook Remarketing:

As the usage of social platforms like Facebook has been increased, promoting the business on social media platforms will help you in generating more leads for your business. Facebook Pixel helps to track the users visiting the website and target them later on Facebook.

Facebook Remarketing is suitable for all the service based and product based industries. The user may leave the website without buying the product, But when they see the business Ad later on Facebook, then the brand gets registered on their mind and they are naturally tempted to buy your product or avail services from you.