How Facebook Remarketing Works?

Facebook is one of the famous online social media and social networking service used by most of the people than other social media. At the same time promoting to all the users in facebook is not a good idea and it will be very costly. Large range of devices like mobile phones, desktop, laptop and so on can access the facebook. As a report on June 2017, there are more than 2 billions active users in Facebook.

A person will enter into a website through various ways like Organic Search Results, Direct Visit, Social Media or through other ways. But for a business, it more important to make conversions than getting the user visits or traffic to the site. Quality traffic will lead to make good conversions and also few may not make conversion due to various reasons.


Nowadays most of the people were not buying the products or ordering the services in a single visit, because they would like to get the best and to do so they comparing various products & brands before making a purchase. Some of them will search for it during their needs and will forget later. So as a rememberance and make some brand awareness among the people, we need to do remarketing.

facebook remarketing technique

How to Capture the Visitors?

When thinking about remarketing, we will get a question in our mind is that “How to Capture the website visitors?” and to do so facebook has released a tool called Facebook Pixel. To capture the website visitors, you need to implement the pixel codes in a website so that datas of the user who enters into a website will get captured. Another thing is that the user data can be used in the facebook alone and also there is no possibility to view the user information. Only thing that you can see is the users count which is the number of users entering into the website.