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Killer Strategies On How To Write Blogs To Get More Traffic To Website

Good quality content will help you gain more traffic to your website and also will make the people engage more time on the website. Content in the sense, it not only refers to the text content, it also includes all kinds of media files like video tutorials, infographics, etc which you can add to the text content in the blog pages to gain more traffic to the website. Here let’s see some tips to get more traffic by providing unique content.

content writing tips seo

  1. Choose Trending Topics
  2. Add More Media
  3. Featured Snippets

Trending Topics:

As a regular blogger, you should be aware of the trending topics, use the Google trends tool and also the keyword planner tool and interrelate them to choose the best topic. Try to choose topics which will have huge search volume all throughout the year. Build quality content or how to do tutorials based on that. You can get your blog to top of SERP on a single day, but gradually optimizing it day by day will help you gain top rankings on SERP.

Killer Strategies On How To Write Blogs To Get More Traffic To Website seo

Add more media:

As a blogger, you should not only focus on updating the site with some fresh and unique content. You should also add more Media like video tutorials, Infographics, etc to the content. This will help you to gain more users to the site and stay on the site for a long time. Adding more media files will also reduce the bounce rate of the web page.

Featured Snippets:

How To Write Blogs To Get More Traffic To Website

Try to get the content visible on featured snippets. This can be done by updating contents in different formats like bullet points, step by step procedure or even comparing any two things. Google will rank these type of contents in the featured snippets. Making the content to visible on the featured snippet will catch the eyeballs of the many people and will bring in more traffic to the website. Thus as a blogger, try to follow these simple tips to gain more traffic to the business website or personal blog.