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SMART SEO: Mastering To Drive Audience

Smart SEO is to drive traffic for the content that audience can easily discover through search results.

Semantic Content:

A semantic content is what we are providing to the audience, which they actually expect. Google’s RankBrain Update or the recent blog of Google’s Research’s announcement of SLING are suggesting a content to be semantic.

A Smart Content that is written on your website with better personalization will come down to matter in providing the organized results to the user. The Smart SEO falls under following categories:

1. Content Structure:

Structuring the content is the most important thing for smart SEO. Start with the main and subtopics of a post to present that in an organized manner with better user experience.

Each topic should be correlated with the other, where it must suggest different context under it. Top-level topics have to of keyword-centric, and the following should be of its relation to show some good content relevancy.

Smart SEO

2. Content Mark-Up:

To Enrich a content, it must be tagged to the related categories. If a blog post is about “page speed optimization“, then the categories should be relevant to page speed optimization. Since an article can be linked to multiple categories, more relevant the categories are tagged, more improvement in content value.


3. Creating keyword clusters:

A post must revolve around the lone keyword which is targeted to be ranked. The particular keyword may have a wide variety of meaningful keywords. For instance, the main keyword ” Page Speed Optimization” is related to the following keywords like On page Optimization, Search Engine Optimization and much More.


Smart SEO

4. Creating Smart Content:

Smart content is to create with the following contexts.

  • Targeted: What Customers want and need, when they need it.
  • Optimized: To make content more visible and discoverable.
  • Always ON: Always add relevant, adaptive and dynamic content.
  • Integrated: Active across all the digital channels.
  • Profitable: The content must delight the audience and make them convert.