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What is Self hosting Website? Advantages and Disadvantages

When you are starting your blog for personal purposes or a website for business reasons, One of the main confusion is Where to host my WordPress blog?. Hosting a website means, it can be accessed the website on the World Wide Web (WWW). This is usually done in Self hosting. In this article, we will look into the Self-hosting website.

What Is Self Hosting?

Self Hosting Website means that Instead of using a Public Cloud Provider, run your own website or application by setting up a server and networking yourself. Those who choose self-host will be responsible for the maintenance and uptime of the sites in addition to building their website or application.

In simple terms, self-hosting means that, hosting a website yourself on a server that you control.

The opposite of self-hosting is managed-hosting, which we at SeekaHost provide as WP Hosting. hassle-free and easy to manage. (You don’t need to worry about managing servers or networking, which our expert teams handle at best). In another way, If your website has “wordpress.com” or “blogspot.com” in the URL, then it is not self-hosted. These services are creating the sites through their service and handle everything.

understanding a self hosting website

What are the benefits of a self-hosting website?

  • The main benefit of self-hosting is that the user has complete control over their data, at a potentially lower monthly cost than using a managed host.
  • Self-hosting gives you total control over your website.
  • In self-hosting, where you will decide to customize the site design – all the fonts, colors, footers, headers, page templates, column widths, style sheets, etc.
  • Self-hosting allows you to choose the exact services which you want for your blog/website.
  • Better monetize your site and activity. Earn an income from your blog by running ads, working with brands for paid sponsorships, earning affiliate commissions, and other money-making essentials of blogging.
  • Better integrate email newsletter sign-up tools and have full control and access to your readers via email.

What are the downsides of the self-hosting website?

  • Update responsibility – In self-hosting, you are responsible for the server. You will need to do the initial installation and any future code updates. Also, Updating the support software is a huge responsibility that requires the highest levels of expertise and experience.
  • Site security – You have to take necessary precautions to protect your site from attack.
  • Site backups – In self-hosting you are responsible for data backups. If your site is affected by a bad update, a crash, or hackers.
  • Site management – When the site goes down, you have to solve the problems. When the site is facing a huge error, you have to troubleshoot or need to contact an experienced person to solve the issue.
  • Quality and performance are probably not as good as premium services.

Why you should prefer managed website hosting over self-hosting?

Everything you have gone through as downsides of self hosting blog is the advantage you gain at Managed website hosting. You will be getting premium support from the professionals, who monitor your website 24/7. There won’t be any downtime, security, backup management issues at managed website hosting.

While saying so, here at SeekaHost India, we do all the hard stuff of our own and keep your websites performing at their level best. As we provide WordPress and Shared web hosting for beginners.  It will, fortunately, help you to concentrate on your business promotions, development, and growth. Any queries on how we do or how to start your website hosting with us, get connected with our live chat support staff at the right bottom corner of our website.