How Mobile Page Speed Will Impact Your SEO

Mobile SEO Optimization to Boost Your Ranking

According to Google, more than half of its traffic is coming through Mobile Devices. It is very common that, concentrating on what people likes will help us to grow better. As a result, Google is now concentrating to give the best experience for mobile users. Let’s see the Mobile SEO Optimization techniques here.

Mobile-First Index

I can see most of the people were just confused about the term “Mobile-First Index”. It is very simple that, during these days the sites will get indexed and ranked the desktop version of the site before mobile. But due to the increase in Mobile Users over a desktop or other devices, Google concentrated to provide priority for mobile devices. So mobile versions of websites or web pages will get indexed in Google before the desktop version of the site and which is the so-called Mobile-First Index.

How Mobile Page Speed Will Impact Your SEO

As a result, people have started developing separate mobile websites. According to Google’s latest update, if your site is responsive for Mobile & Desktop Devices then you don’t want to do anything new. Google’s update is all about providing the best user experience for Mobile Users.

Mobile-Responsive vs Mobile-Friendly

Responsive Websites will respond based on the users and devices using which they viewing them. In a responsive website, the two or more column layouts will be converted to a single layout to provide the best for the viewers. Also on mobile devices, some, unnecessary images will be hidden from the website.

Mobile-Friendly Websites are the one designed to work across various devices. Some of the difficult features will get changed in the Mobile Devices. For example, features like Menu & Navigation will be simplified for a better user experience. Here the Images will be displayed in small sizes with simplified navigation.


Mobile Scorecard and a conversion Impact Calculator

Currently, Google is focused to improve the mobile website experience and as result, they have announced the two mobile dependent resources – Mobile Scorecard and Conversion Impact Calculator.

Mobile Scorecard – In Mobile Speed Scorecard, you can check the loading speed of your domain, and also you can see the comparison between the websites. The maximum you can compare up to 5 websites and it will be displayed with the ranks.

page speed

Conversion Impact Calculator – Now what people expect are speed and a comfortable mobile experience. So based on the current page speed, Average monthly visitors, Average Order Value, and Conversion rate, the impact calculator will show you the results. It will show the results like if your current page speed is 2.0 seconds then if you speed up your site to load in 1.0 seconds, then you will get more sales which profits you $$$$$ (Approximate value).

conversion calculator


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