How Mobile Page Speed Will Impact Your SEO & How To Improve It?

Google to rank the web pages based on the mobile speed, the reason for this is that in the recent time, the maximum number of searches are from mobile devices than the desktop devices. Google started giving preference to the websites with the good loading speed.

Provide Great Content Experience:

Since the Google launched the mobile index and boosted the mobile-first approach by dedicating the main index for mobile. Creating the website with the great quality content which is loved by the users and making them engage more on the website will help you rank well on SERP.

How Mobile Page Speed Will Impact SEO

Make Your Site Fast:

Make sure that your site loads quickly on mobile devices within one or two seconds. The users will leave the webpage if it takes more to load on the web, making the websites faster will make the users stay on our website and also to engage more time, which will reduce the bounce rate indeed.

How Mobile Page Speed Will Impact Your SEO

Use AMP:

Consider using the AMP to speed up the web pages, though the AMP is not a ranking factor now, it may turn out into a huge one in the future. You should consider using AMP as these websites are extremely fast and hence it will help you to get more conversions.

Use a Strong Call to Action:

As the users on the mobile are more time concerned, they will wish to make quick decisions, hence the call to action on relevant places on the webpage will help you get leads.

Mobile Page Speed Will Impact Your SEO

Thus overall, the usage of mobile devices has been increased and also the mobile searches are more when compared to the desktop. Creating the mobile-friendly landing pages for the business websites will help you get more leads for the business. Google is also working on voice search to improve its relevancy and provide the best results for the uses when they make any voice search, Coming to the point, the websites with good mobile speed will tend to rank well on SERP.