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How To Reduce The Bounce Rate On The Website & Optimize For Google’s Rank Brain

What is Bounce Rate?

Bounce rate is an important factor in SEO. When the users visit your site from Google’s SERP and then if leave the site without spending much time in the website, then it will result in increasing the bounce rate. In recent times, Google has started monitoring the user’s intent on the Search Engines Results Page and ranking the websites based on that.

Google algorithm update - optmize for Google's Rank Brain

Google’s Rank Brain Algorithm:

Google’s Rank Brain is the AI that is designed mainly to provide the users with the more relevant search results that they are looking for. Rank Brain algorithm mainly focuses on the user’s activity on the SERP.

If the user visits a site by clicking its link on the SERP and then returns to the SERP in a quick time, then Google will think that there is no useful content for the user which they are looking for and hence will drop the ranks on the SERP of that particular web page.

how to reduce bounce rate to optimize for Google's Rankbrain

How to Reduce the Bounce Rate of the Website?

You can reduce the bounce rate of the website by making people engage more time on the website. For instance, you can add some attractive videos about your business to make the users watch and stay some time on your website. This will ideally reduce the bounce rate of the website. At the same time, if Google finds that people are spending more time on your website, then they will give a rank boost to your website and make them rank on the first page of the SERP.

optimize for Google's RankBrain

Reduce Bounce Rate & Rank On Top:

Thus this is the simple strategy to follow, just add some media files on your web page and make the users spend more time on your website. This will reduce your bounce rate and help you to rank top on Google. As a business person, you can hire an SEO consultant to work on your business website and rank top on Google to gain more traffic to the website.

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