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How SSL Makes a Difference in SERP?

Having a secure website is always recommended as it encrypts the information thats being shared between the end user and the web server in real time with a public and private key. The main advantage of having this encryption system is that it does not allow man-in-middle attacks.

Google has recognised the importance of having the SSL in place and in the recent days, you can only see sites with SSL popping up on the SERPs with top ranks! You can rarely see a site thats not secured!

SSL Certificate Google Chrome Issues Final Warning on HTTPS

How to Get SSL?

There are several SSL providers on the web. There are free versions like Let’s Encrypt! Thats purely made with open sourced codes and have the option to Auto-renew in real time (once in 3 months).

On the other hand, there are commercial SSL vendors. Who offer SSL certificates with SLA (Service Level Agreements) and Guaranteed encryptions and insure money if the encryption is broken!

You have to register on the vendor site and complete the SSL request process and the SSL will be issued to the domain based on your sub-domain requirements. Usually, people get for “www” and “non-www” version of the websites.

How to integrate SSL on the website?

If you have a WordPress website (like or our other country domains like /, integrating SSL is very simple. Upload the SSL Certificate to the domain and wait till the SSL gets fully activated (usually takes less than 20 minutes). Go to WordPress and change the default website URL to have HTTPS.

Install the plugin “Really Simple SSL” to enable site-wide activation of HTTPS to make sure all the files are served through HTTPS protocol.

How to get SSL for my Business Site?

If you own a business and confused about integration of SSL on your site? Get professional assistance from ClickDo Experts. Get in touch with us today!