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Hostinger Alternative: SeekaHost is Your First Choice

If you’re looking for a Hostinger Alternative, you’re already having lots of reasons without us mentioning or pointing out the reason. The more solid reason who’s coming out of Hostinger has been, that the price they paid for the service is huge and the return isn’t good. Not like many other hosting providers, they aren’t providing any live chat support to listen to solve clients’ simple problems. Also, for the kind of interface they have, there isn’t enough resource to verify or guide. Moreover, the performance directly affects the SEO perspective of the website, which is hosted in Hostinger.

Looking at all this that was mentioned, we see our services as a solution to the clients looking for Hostinger Alternatives. SeekaHost India web hosting services are toned for the Indian clients with an affordable price to host a website on Light Speed servers with SSD storage which facilitates the Overall performance of the server and your Sites. We recently launched a WordPress Hosting with Easy WP Management Dashboard, which comes up with easy access to the WordPress sites with One click Installation from your SeekaHost Client Area page.

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4 Reasons Why SeekaHost is the Best Hostinger Alternative:

SeekaHost India offers World’s Best Web Hosting Support, with support experts who have a keen knowledge of Support from Product analysis for the client requirements to technical aspects.

We provide exclusive support to Indian clients with Support Over a Phone call, Live Chat support, and Support tickets. Our Phone call Support will be available 24/7 to support our client’s queries over the call with the technical experts, which Hostinger does not offer. Live at any time to provide the best support to our clients without lacking in time, to client work effectively. That’s what SeekaHost is always Best when the Support is at a World Class.

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WordPress Hosting:

SeekaHost India launched the WordPress package with the Wide featured platform to host your sites with the server fully specialized and updated for the performance and efficiency of WordPress. So, your site won’t be facing downtime or lagging in any Situations. Our WordPress packages come with Unlimited resources to meet your needs at the Extreme with “Extreme Plan”. Our WordPress Hosting starts at just ₹ 99.50/mo, which is the cheapest option when you have the all-in-one wordpress features under one roof.

WP Hosting Package - Hostinger Alternative

SSD Storage:

You will get an SSD storage for even a Starter or Basic plan with SeekaHost which helps in the minimum Read – Write time and boosts the servers’ performance, to work on your sites efficiently. The website will load fast even if your site has high traffic.

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Dedicated Server Hosting:

SeekaHost now comes up with the Dedicated server hosting package which is to provide a quality experience for the huge organization to make progress on their own, with the fully owned dedicated resources. Make Full Control Over your dedicated resources with the feature of a Secured environment. Now store your data securely and retrieve it from anywhere with Dedicated access. Are you worried about the cost? SeekaHost is the one you can own anything under your budget. Get your Dedicated Server Hosting at Just Rs.3,750 which you will get a VPS in Hostinger at the same price. You can choose a Dedicated server location between Germany, USA, UK, India, Singapore, France, and Canada. If you’re looking for any server location beyond this, then speak with our live chat expert, which hostinger doesn’t have by the way 😉

Moving to SeekaHost at No Cost:

Migration is the Important one while moving from another Hosting to SeekaHost, there are a lot of risks while migrating the backups loss of data will damage your sites. So, Migration is an important factor when changing the Hosting provider. SeekaHost has the Migration team experts who help you migrate the data to our server without the loss of Data with zero cost.