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Paid Advertising – Google Removes More Than 100 Bad Ads Per Second

Google Adwords is the paid advertising platform by using which the business people can target the potential customers for their business by using Google Search as a medium. Google Adwords offers Search Advertising and Display Advertising. Search Advertising will show your Ads to the users when they make any relevant searches to your business on Google. Display Advertising will help you to show the business Ads on Google partner websites. This suits best for the Remarketing.

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Google Removes Bad Ads:

In a recent study, Google has said that it removes more than hundred bad Ads per second. Google mainly focusses on showing the more relevant Ads to its users. Hence Google is more serious about this and it removes the Ads which it founds to be irrelevant or if it breaches the Ad policies set by Google. Adwords is the platform which you can use to get leads for your business by targetting the audience by using various targeting options like age, gender, location, etc.

google removes 100 ads per second on paid advertising

What type of Ads are removed by Google?

Ads which leads the users to malware affected sites are removed. For instance, In mobile phone when you click on certain ads, it will open multiple tabs simultaneously to various sites. This kind of Ads are seriously monitored by Google and they are removed instantly. Also, “trick to click Ads” are removed from Google. These are the type of Ads which makes the users click on it without representing them as actual Ads. For example, when you try to download some songs, this kind of Ads will be placed on the sites as “download now”, “click here to download”, etc. When the people click on it in the motive to download, it will be redirected to other websites. Also, there are many Ads which makes the users install unwanted software. These kinds of Ads are removed from Google.

more than 100 ads are removed from Google paid advertising

Thus as a business advertiser, try to show target the audience for your business by proper campaign setup and by following the Google Ad Policies. This will help you to get more clicks for your Ads.