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Paid Advertising: Google Introduces New Video Ad Formats To Reach More People

Google has introduced several new things on its paid advertising platforms to make the advertisers target the potential audience. In this way, Google has introduced a new video Ad format to gain high reach among the target audience. Previously video Ads are shown only on the youtube. Now Google has introduced this new format to show the video Ads on all browsers or the Google partner websites.

Google introduces new video Ad formats - paid advertising

Outstream Video Ads:

Google has introduced a new Ad format to reach the audience beyond the Youtube. It is called as the Outstream Video Ads. This video Ad type is exclusively designed for mobile devices to display the Ads on all the browsers and the apps. Outstream video Ads will drive incremental and viewable reach beyond the youtube. The video Ads will be shown on Google video partners sites, mobile browsers, mobile apps, etc. Thus this will help to get comparatively the huge reach.

Google introduces new video Ad formats - latest update

How Will Outstream Video Ads behave on different devices?

Outstream video ads will play on the user’s screen automatically with the sounds off. If the user wishes to turn on the sound, they can simply tap on that. Also, the users can restart the videos from the beginning if they wish to do so. For the Outstream videos, advertisers will be charged only based on the viewable CPM. That is the advertisers should pay to Google only if Video Ad has shown on the screen and it’s viewable.

For example, if the video Ad appears at the bottom of the screen and if it’s not viewable, then the advertiser will not be charged for that. Advertisers should be only if the video Ad is visible to the users on their live screen.

Google introduces new video Ad formats

Thus as a business people trying to promote the brand online, you can go for video advertising using the outstream videos. This will help to gain more brand outreach for your product or service. As a business owner, without sticking to the same plan. try different advertising plans and succeed in that. Next, to Google Adwords, Facebook Advertising is growing nowadays which you can use to get more leads for the business.