Buy hosting without a Domain Name

Can I Buy Hosting without a Domain Name?

A domain name is the address of your website that people type in the browser URL bar to visit your website. The website name is a combination of the domain name and TLD.

To buy a web hosting package, domain name is the primary requirement and sometimes it takes time to decide the domain name. On such case, you want to find an option to buy a web hosting package without domain name.

Can I Buy Hosting without a Domain Name?

Yes, you can buy a hosting package even if you don’t have a domain name. You can mention a random domain name which is the primary requirement to purchase a web hosting package.

Later you can change the primary domain by raising a ticket or chat to the SeekaHost India support team. But it’s preferred to use the valid domain name as the primary domain.

Can I Buy Hosting, Even If I Don’t Have Domain in SeekaHost India?

Yes, that’s possible as well. If you already registered a domain name with some other registrar, still you can use our hosting package without any restrictions.

You can mention that domain during the purchase of the hosting package and you will can update the allocated name server on your registrar.

If you feel like you are paying more for the domain name in the other registrar, you can transfer the domain to SeekaHost India anytime.

Purchasing a domain name is not a big task and it won’t cost you a lot. In SeekaHost India, you can register a domain name at the very cheap price compared to the other domain name registrars.

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