Link Building Techniques SEO

Link Building Techniques In SEO

Ask for back links: all the backlinks which you are getting should be relevant to your niche, otherwise there will not be any impact or it may be harmful. Asking for backlinks is good if you are beginner for this field. When you think of backlink, just thin about your friends, relatives, colleagues, because they might have blogs or site. You can ask back link to them and make sure that it should be in content link, and no sidebar or footer link.

Build relationships: there are many link building experts group in Facebook, you can get contact of those people. If you have maintain good relationship, then you will have good link building. Both of these are directly related. There are many platforms and options for link building such as blogs, forums and many social media. You should post your views in these medias and be active in all these groups. Ask questions, answer questions, chat with them all and be a part of active member.

Link Building Techniques In SEO

Give a testimonial: when you sell some products to customer, the customer should have trust on you. This is one of the trust building activity. Many of the business ask for customer reviews and feedback. It is the best opportunity to get more backlinks and more number of leads for site. So the site can be ranked in the top position.

Start a blog: when you start a blog, you should write or should have some content on the blog in regular basis. Once you start a blog don’t leave it as such, because it is waste of time and risky link for your site. The blogs should be active always. Your content can be based on industry or client needs or something in general. And make sure that your content is simple, elegant, presentable, relevant and understandable.

Link Building Techniques

List your site in trust worthy directories: there are many online directories, where more unwanted sites are available and google has excluded all those. Make sure your site should not come under those category. If you good site and content and active list your site in some trust worthy directories.

Write a good guest post: there should not be any negative reviews. Write good post for the blogs and make sure that all the articles that are relevant to that website.