WordPress migration plugins

5 Best Free WordPress Migration Plugins

WordPress migration plugins

We can easily install the new WordPress on the site. But if the site is already set up in another server and you are moving to another server, transferring the site without the loss of content is the serious one. You can migrate the content from one server to another server without any downtime using the plugins. In SeekaHost, we are providing free migration service for our shared hosting packages.

There are a lot of plugins available to migrate the website, lets see the best free WordPress migration plugins for your website.

Note: Before starting the process of migration, take full-backup of your website and store it in your local storage for safety.

The WordPress Migration Plugins are

  1. All in one WP Migration
  2. Duplicator Pro
  3. Jet Pack
  4. Migrate Guru
  5. Migrate DB


All in one WP Migration:

The All in One WP Migration Plugin is one of the best plugins used for the migration purpose. It is used by millions of people to migrate their websites. In All in One WP Migration Plugin, you can easily export and import the file. Like other plugins it does not have the backup option, it is used only for the migration purpose.

WordPress migration plugin - all in one wpYou can Migrate up to 512MB in the free version. If the migration file size is more than 512MB you have to purchase the paid version of this plugin.

Duplicator Pro

Duplicator Plugin is the best plugin available in the market, which is used to take migrate your website. The Duplicator plugin is available for both the paid and free versions. It is easy to use, and everyone can use this plugin without any technical knowledge.

In Duplicator Plugin you can migrate multiple sites at a time. This plugin provides easy step-by-step migration which helps beginners to migrate their website.


WordPress migration plugin - duplicatorIn the Duplicator plugin, the beginners need some external support or guide to connecting with the FTP server. If you have the Paid version of this plugin you can use this plugin for the scheduled backup and transfer and store the backup file in Google driver, Dropbox, etc.

Jet Pack

Jet Pack is also a popular plugin that is used by millions of people to migrate the website. This plugin is used to generate the backup and restore the backup easily and in this plugin, you can easily migrate your website from one server to another server. You can restore it in just One Click.

WordPress migration plugin - Jetpack

In Jet Pack, you need to have a subscription to use all the features available in this plugin. And also, the setup process of the plugin is a little bit difficult for beginners.

Migrate Guru

Migrate Guru Plugin is also a popular plugin used for migration purposes. It was developed by BolgVault. In Migrate Guru Plugin you can transfer your site from one server to another server as much faster when compared to the other plugins. It is easy to use for beginners and no storage space required, and one-click migration.

WordPress migration plugins - Migrate Guru

In Migrate Guru, you can transfer large-size files up to 200GB. With this plugin, you no need to worry about your website downtime, and also it migrates any type of website without affecting the performance.

WP Migrate DB

WP Migrate DB is also one of the popular plugins which migrate your website. This plugin is mainly used for WordPress Database Migration. You can also transfer the other files like plugins, themes, and other media files.

WordPress migration plugins - WP Migrate DBThis Plugin is available for both the free and paid versions. However, the beginners feel difficult to use.

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