What is a domain name

What is Domain Name And How It Works?

What is a domain name

What is Domain Name?

A domain name is the address of your website. People type into the URL bar of their browser to find your website. A domain name is used to find and identify your website. The computer uses the IP address which is series in number. For human beings, it is difficult to remember in a number. For this reason, domain names are developed and we can easily browse the website using the domain name instead of using the IP address.

IP address and domain name are unique identifiers, but they are not same. An IP address is the true identifier of the webserver and domains name is simply a human-friendly pointer that helps people find the webserver. When you type the domain name in your browser your browser will match the domain name to the IP address. The IP address tells your browser which webserver host the website of the domain name your browser then connects to the webserver and request for the copy of your website.

Some examples of Domain name:

  1. google.com
  2. facebook.com
  3. amazon.in
  4. flipkart.com
  5. yahoo.com

Responsible for Domain Name System:

Internet Corporation For Assigned Names And Numbers ( ICANN) manages the domain name system. It is a non-profit organization that create and implement the policies of the domain name.  ICANN give permission to some companies to sell domain name called Domain Name Registrars. Domain Name Registrars able to sell the domain, manage its records, renewal and transfer domain to another registrar.

domain name and how they work

How does it work?

When you enter the domain name in your browser, it will send the request to the  Domain Name System (DNS) which is a global network of the server. When this server receives the request, they search for nameserver associated with our domain name and forward the request to those name server. These nameservers are completely managed by the hosting company. Your hosting company forward the request to the computer where websites are stored. The computer is called a web server.

Different Types of Domain Names:

           Domain names are available in different extensions. The most commonly used extensions are .com, .net, .org, .edu, .gov, .in, etc.

  1. .com is used for business purpose and commercial purpose.
  2. .net is used for networking and marketing purpose.
  3. .edu is used for the education purpose
  4. .org is used for non-profit organizations, non-governmental organizations, information-driven business.
  5. .in is used by the Indian government.
  6. .xyz is available for general use.
  7. .co representing the company or corporation.

domain extension

  • Top-Level Domain (TLD):

TLD are generic domain extensions that are listed at the highest level in domain name system. The most popular top-level domains are .com, .org and .net.

top level domain

  • Country code Top-level Domain:

Country code top-level domains are country-specific domain names. They are used by the websites that want to target audience in a specific country. Some extensions are .uk for United Kingdom, .in for India, .us for United States, .cs for Canada, Etc.

country code top level domain

  • Sponsored Top-level Domain :

Sponsored Top-level Domains are TLDs category which for sponsored for specific agencies or organizations.  Some extensions are .edu, .mil, .gov, etc.

Second-level Domains:

Second level domains sit below the top-level domain name. For example: “.co.in”, “.gov.in”, etc.


Subdomain is an extra part of a domain. Subdomains are viewed as a separate website by search engines, creating subdomain helps to improve your SEO site. Subdomains are useful because they do not require webmasters to buy an additional domain name to create a division within their site. They are able to create the subdomains that effectively point to a specific directory on the server.

For example: developer.faceboock.com.

developer – Subdomain

facebook – domain name

.com – TLD

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