Understanding Average Position In AdWords

If you are spending lots of time on PPC, then it is important to understand an essential metric called Average position. Average position is an average of where your ad lands on the Search Engine. It is also important to maintain your Average Ad Position.

What is Average Position:

Before digging in, let us break down the actual definition. Ad Position is a score given by Google, which is calculated based on your bid and quality score. This method allows Google to reward advertisers with a good position because of ad quality, landing pages, and keywords. Ad Position is not only based on the high bid, but bid is also one of the important factors.

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According to Google’s Ad Position definition, Ad Position is “A statistic that illustrates how your ad ranks against other ads”.

Ad Rank determine which order the Google Ad Appears as Follows:
Avg Position from a 1-4 mean, your ad is on the First page of Google.
“1.0, 1.2 or 2.3” means ad position in top “1 & 2”
Even, Average position means your ad position is weighted by a number of impressions you get. If you get a number of impressions there may be an increase in your Ad position.

Why AD Position Important:

When your ad position is more than 4, than your ad may be visible on the 2nd page of Google. When your ad is on the second page, you may not get any clicks or impression. No people will see your ad. Hence it is important for every advertiser to maintain the average ad position. When you have good ad Position, you may get more impression. Even you can increase your ROI.

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Analyze Your Ad Position:

To examine your average AD position, select a single day, then navigate to Dimensions Tab, and select segment by “Hour of the Day”. It’s also important to draw in “Search Impression Share”. Pulling in this data will enable you to see what average position you were in throughout the day.

Once you have picked in those columns, it shows how many times a day was you actually in your average position. You may also find, in what position you are profitable. This will vary from campaign to campaign but at least this will give you a start to seeing what’s really going on behind the avg. position curtain and help you better optimize your campaigns.