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Wonder – How A Facebook Ad Follows You?

Regular social media users can feel like someone chasing around them on Facebook and Instagram through Ads. Have you ever wondered? How the companies on Facebook follow you?
In today’s blog, we will share this as a topic to you to get more ideas on Facebook Ads.

When you visit a website and get back to Facebook after some time, you can see the ads of the particular website you had visited previously.

Do you think it as magic? No, it is Facebook Pixel.


Facebook Pixels

What is the Facebook pixel?

Facebook pixel is a piece of code incorporated into the website to track the user visited their website. If you get into a website which has Facebook Pixel Code, then it will start to trigger your Facebook ID and stores the activities that all you do on the website. When Facebook Advertising Campaign starts, you can see the ads from the website you had visited.

When the experts have got familiar with Google Analytics, Facebook Pixels is still a mystery.

Facebook tracking has wholly based the users and their activities. Across all the devices, location and browsers, every action will be taken into consideration. It is simple to understand that, most of the website visitors will be through mobile, but they buy it in desktop to get wide visibility of the website.

Facebook advertising panel will give the neck to neck report on where the actual money spent.


Boost Post And Advertising:

Though boost post will comes under advertising, it can only give you engagements(likes, comments and shares) not the sales conversion. You need to set up a Facebook business account to set Facebook Pixels for targeting the exact audience you want to advertise.

Facebook Pixels

Event Code And Base Code:

You will get Facebook Pixels code in the form of 9 event code and one base code. The Event code will help you to track subpages/ specific page and events, whereas the base code will monitor a user’s entire website activity.

The simple way to integrate pixel code is to install WordPress plugin – Facebook Pixel Cat or through adding the code in header. To check whether pixel code is installed correctly, use the Chrome Facebook Pixel Helper Extension, where it will show the trigger to ensure your id is triggered.