lazy load SEO docs

Google makes docs available for Lazy Load SEO

Google and its documentations are very rare to see, particularly when it comes to search engine optimization. It’s a hard truth to believe that now we got one documentation which is related to SEO. The experts are excited now. Google has released a help documentation for Lazy Load SEO. The idea of this lazy load documentation is to make sure the SEOs understand the concept of lazy loading web page. It is to guide them in right way to rank better in Google Search Results Page(SERP) with the understanding of indexing, crawling and some other factors.

You can have complete read about the lazy load document guide here –

lazy load SEO docs

Are expert, who ranks without this? – It’s not for you, then:

For most of them in SEO, the loading time of a web page is still a concern. Though we work a lot around it, still it hides the part from which it takes most of time to load. This guide for them, the webmasters and developers who have no clue to work on lazy load of a webpage’s content to make the website better than what it was before.

lazy load SEO documentation

You have to implement the lazy load SEO techniques without to much of thought that, how google will consider such kind of techniques by them-self. This techniques will ensure more visibility of your content on Google search results.

Google documentation has given the bottom line to load a website from the viewport of a website. If it doesn’t load in that way, the bot can’t understand such content exist on your website. With all this happening, Google itself highly recommend everyone to check the techniques locally. They suggest to use the Puppeteer script, which a library in Node.js for controlling headless chrome.

The documentation is under review for the experts to take it as an experimentation, test and come up with what it gain and vain.