Google Speed Test

Google’s Speed Score Card in 2018

Google keeps its algorithm up-to date and introducing new tools to help business people achieve their goal. In today’s competitive digital space, there are lots of factors that influence a website’s rank on Google. One among them is the website speed. Google has announced Website speed will also be considered to rank the website. To help check our website speed for mobile, Google has introduced two tools for helping webmasters make their website faster. Two new tools:1. Speed Scorecard and 2: Impact Calculator

1: Speed Scorecard:

Using the speed scorecard, one can compare their mobile page speed towards other companies. The scorecard compares and produces the result, using result one can make their mobile speed faster in case of the low score while comparing. The scorecard can produce a result from different countries for thousands of website.

Google Speed Test

How to Analyse:

1: Go to Google Speed Scorecard.
2: Enter your own URL followed by another URL that you want to compare.
3: Once after the URL submitted, the Google Scorecard itself arrange the result in the form of a list. That is, the result will be listed by corresponding URL’s and their speed.
4: The mobile speed that Google recommends is 5 seconds on a 3G connection and 3 seconds on a 4G Connection.

Impact Calculator:

As per Google, a one-second delay in page speed can less the conversion up to 20%. Impact calculator helps to measure the potential revenue gained by the faster loading websites. This impact calculator shows the monthly visitors, average order value, and conversion rate. Using this statistics, one can grow their business to reach the goal. This calculator shows your speed in a slider. By dragging the slider to the left, you can see how much revenue increased by speeding up the site.