SEO Tip: How H2 Tags Impacts Your Ranks?

Skipping H2 tags effects SEO or not?

Well, there are lots of core factors in SEO which remains the same though there are tons of updates rolled out by Google over a period of time. The core SEO factors like heading tags remain the same over many days. It’s important to follow the same though you have implemented many other new things.

SEO Tip - How H2 Tags Impacts Your Ranks

Heading Tags in SEO:

Google considers the H1 tags in the web page as the main content and still it acts as the title for the web pages. Trying to embed the core target keyword in the heading tag will help in improving the ranks. Also, skipping H2 tag and moving to H3 is not recommended. As Google gives more priority to the large size text content on the web page, Embedding the keyword in the H2 tags will help you to rank the websites easily on SERP.

SEO Tip How H2 Tags Impacts Your Ranks

Content on the web page more important in SEO. Quality content with the target keyword in it will make the Google understand easily what the content is all about. Adding the core keyword to the heading tags will make the job easier for Google to understand about the content in the website.

Next to heading tags, the important thing to consider is the image alt text. Image alt text helps you in two ways. One is that the alt text will be displayed if the image is not fully loaded on the site, in the other way it will help Google to find out what the content is all about. Hence adding more media files in the content with the proper alt text will help you to rank on top organically.

SEO Tip How H2 Tags Impacts Your Ranks

Hence keep these core factors same in SEO, though there are many updates rolled out frequently.