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Top 100 Free Business Listing Sites in India to List Your Websites Online

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In the days of yore, people used telephone directories at all homes for the services that were available, and contact numbers of the town and each member, it was treated as a single ledger. But in the current era, as a result of innovation and technological existence, the free business listing site has been replaced in place of telephone directories which are outdated at present. Here we discuss the free business listing in India to get your website published.

The business listing sites include the entire data of the business involved in a particular area. These net business directories are considered the search engine today. According to a survey made on Hubspot data, it is found that almost 50% of people who visited the business listing sites online had visited the shop. So these sites act as a great source for beginners with many innovative ideas and an urge to be successful businessmen.

Business listing creates an opportunity for marketing purpose

What is a business listing?

Business listing is the best way, to create an opportunity for marketing purposes. Before the invention of Google Search Engine giants, these business listings helped people a lot.  Nowadays, there are many business listing sites available in India which intensify the visibility of every business. By default, the listings are the online entry and should comprise of following components,

  • Business Name
  • Address with Pin Code
  • Valid phone number
  • Landmark

As mentioned it increases the visibility as well as it would be pretty easy to find out your target audience. It is to be noted that many organizations easily do a free local business listing for their business with plenty of listing sites.

Why Business directories are crucial for a Business?

SEO Enactment:

SEO Enactment

Initially, in the olden days, the marketing technique for local businesses involved radio advertisements, Television Advertisements, and newspaper ads which mainly depends on the effectiveness of one’s own presentation skill. But now in the current era, there exists heavy competition and it is very tedious for business in digital advertising among various reputed brands available. One of the best chances is to “rank high in search engines for keywords” (SEO technique).

In the case of digital advertising, the rating speaks a lot more than the reputed and renowned brands. For e.g.: “Dry fruits shops near me “get rated high if proper SEO techniques are implemented. Generally, SEO is considered the major component in business listings to rank top and the best way of marketing your business.

Steps to obtain business listings

There are tons of Business listing sites available in India. In order to get a free business listing few steps are to be followed and it is as follows:

  • Take into account the Accessible business listing sites in India that match your business niche.
  • Next, in the business section select the needful option to add the listing
  • After listing you will be provided with an online form where you will be supposed to fill in the exact and needful facts and information of the company.
  • Once completed the above procedure you will be asked to submit the form for the verification process. The verification process will take place via voice call/text/mail.
  • The verification process time gets varied from site to site. Few sites complete it immediately but there are a few sites that take almost 24 hours to complete the verification or even sometimes 3 to 4 business days.
  • But once verification is over, your site is live on the website.

Top 100 Free Business Listing Sites in India

Let us now see 100 Business listings Sites in India, which have higher PR and also help individuals to begin their websites for business. These sites would definitely help to increase the Business market in India and also sure that it will give you the required information that the audience looks for.

1. Indiabizlist:

The ultimate aim of Indiabizlist is to help people who would like to start with small business. They can gather clear and effective information required for their business and implement the same very easily in an organized manner. They nearly cover thousands of services and products among which Internet marketing, Website marketing services, Business development services, Business directories and desktop publishing are a few that are mentioned here.

2. IndiaMart:

It is one of the best free Business listing in India and has a good reputation in the business market. Since IndiaMart is a B2B platform, once your business is listed here you will be able to create a Goodwill of your brand and also increase in visibility. The major advantage of listing your business in IndiaMart is that can generate more leads every day that too in a free plan. Even for beginners listing business here would be more comfortable and easy with some limitations basically.

3. Google My Business:

Google My Business

For small business owners or for beginners I would certainly suggest GMB. It is one of the most popular search Engines and the best place to start up a small business.

All that is needed here is Google allows you to add some of the basic details like business name, location and working hours based on which customers get to know the information when they browse for the same. It is also easy to create and edit your new website from your phone or computer and it would be affordable and cost effective. It has been a great initiative for small business owners to have a website very easily.

4. Bing:

Similar to Google, Bing also is competitively good and it takes the next place after Google. It is the right place for the business in marketing. Some of the benefits of using Bing are that it is cost-effective same as Google, Setup time takes up to 30 minutes and once completed with the registration remaining is taken over by Bing from start to finish. It provides a Good Reach among the customers, It relies on SEO techniques so that it helps in Google Ranking also. Here it is a one-time process, the ultimate goal is “Set it and Forget it”. Sometimes even Back end information on your business website is given as some ways to improve your business.

5. Indyapages:

Indyapages gives you a 360-degree platform to list all your content for your customers. It is the number one user-friendly business listing site in India where all your contents are placed in one place which in turn helps to rank higher and also manage easily with the help of a member dashboard. It includes various businesses like Service listing, Product listing, free classified, articles, Blogs, or videos. You will be able to view the reviews, likes, and comments and improve your business accordingly. It is a simple process to list your business here. Then what for waiting, Come and add your company to the fastest-growing company listing website.

6. TradeIndia:

Trade India

It is the second-largest business directory available in India. It provides a B2B website portal. The portal helps in getting information about the sellers and buyers with over 1,2000 product categories and subcategories.

Additional features like Trade Alerts, Call me-free service, Credit reports, and trade leads. It is the first Indian Portal to have about 3 million registered users of which almost 2 million users are SMEs.

7. Just Dial:

Just Dial Covers each and every business, no matter what your business is. If suppose you are a local business owner and want to list your business in business listing sites and generate more leads, then obviously Just Dial is the perfect fit for you. Even if you are in the service sector you will be able to list your business here and also generate great leads.8.8.3


It is one of the top 10 B2B business listing sites available in India. It is the best place for beginners as well as experts to find a multinational business field in a simpler way and within your limit. Indiatradezone deals with wholesalers, manufacturers, and exporters as before.

If you had registered here, then obviously more traffic would be created which in turn results in ranking and increase your brand name.

9. Yellow pages India:

It is one of the most popular business listing websites that are available in the past. It is user-friendly and you can easily add your business information here and access it easily. It would be the perfect platform to promote your business in India as well as all around the globe. It has various categories and amazing features that grab the customer’s attention towards your business, this is the reason why still it is long-lasting.


SME stands for Small to medium Enterprise as the name indicates, it is well suited for all types of business in India. It is one of the leading B2B Indian wholesalers and retailers.


Indian IndustryIndian industry business listing sites work primarily with suppliers, Manufacturers and Exporters.

One can easily find industrial manufacturers and suppliers in India from this website. Some of the categories like Engineering works, Electronics & Electrical, Plastic and rubber, Chemicals and packaging it is famous for.




12. Aabaco:

It is apt for small and local business owners. Aabaco is owned by Yahoo, which is a small business directory available in India. It allows you to add your business information here and also create websites of your own and market your business locally. Some of the tools offered here are easy to use and drag and drop-building tool etc. Services offered here are custom websites, hosting Domains-Commerce help, and business email plans.

13. Submitmybusiness:

Again it is one of the leading business directories for local business owners and also ensures free listing in their directory. Once registered here you will be able to access potential customers around the globe. It is also well known for its getting quality incoming link method which increases your visibility level as discussed above which is more important for a business. It also enhances your search engine positions.

14. Sulekha:

Sulekha is one of the most popular business listing websites in India which allows you to increase your visibility once registered and also generate more leads as many of the business sites do. Since Sulekha covers all categories of business it suits all types of business owners and that is also one of the reasons for it to retain for many years as a successful leading listing site in the market even today.

15. Amazon:

AmazonNo need for any explanation because it is known for its reputation and moreover recently amazon has launched its B2B platform in India to cover the E-commerce sector too.

The first name that arises in everyone’s mind when we say about online shopping is “Amazon” so it would be the best choice of business listings. The added advantage here is you can create a free seller account and start selling your product online.

16. Facebook Business Page:

It is one of the famous social media and imagine what happens if your business is registered in such a listing site where you would be able to generate more leads. One can also run ads on your Facebook business page and increase your visibility which in turn promotes your business to the next higher level.

17. Linkedin:


This is a great place for business experts to generate tons of leads and also it is one of the top 10 business listing sites in India. It is an online professional social media where you can connect, join and even run ads for your business. The aggressive moves of a businessman on this site will result in incredible results in business. Here is the link to create your own company webpage on LinkedIn.

18. India Yellow Pages:

India yellow pages cover all categories of a business and it would be very easy and simple to register your business in this site. Moreover, once created it would be a user-friendly site that helps you in generating more leads and links as expected.


This site helps in various fields like Software development, Business development, e-Commerce, and Search Engine optimization techniques. With the help of this site, one can easily find Indian Manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters. Eindiabusiness is well known for its well-rounded business and Economic progress and prosperity.


This site mainly focuses on people who search for business in Kerala. It covers about all areas from accommodation to automotive and all other important domains. They provide the information that the customer wants to know about a particular business in their area and also implement the same in an effective way.



This site is more helpful for the upcoming successful business owners in local business listing sites. It gives full information about the local business in all aspects and building a right way each

and every year and developing incredibly with its valuable effort towards customer’s inquiry. This is the best choice for getting popularity in a short span of time.


This site mainly deals with buyers and sellers. It also deals successively with international markets. The registration process would be very simple and effective once registered. Easily promote your business without any complications. Jimtrade works 24/7 for customers and retains its popularity.


If suppose a businessman is interested in real estate, IT, Retail, Consulting, Manufacturing and service, and other domains then undoubtedly you can choose this site to register your business. It is another free business directory in India and comes with many other added features.


It is again one of the easier platforms to deal with local businesses and moreover, it is also a user-friendly site. Once registered is free and has lifetime validity. The main objective of the site is to promote your business effectively and search for the tart audience easily.



The global vendor market allows you to list your products and services. They mainly focus on categories like agricultural products, apparel, automobiles, and business services. An individual also can enjoy more benefits by joining their membership plans either monthly or yearly and promoting their business to the next level.


Yet another leading free listing business site in India. It has nearly 1000 categories with a well-maintained user interface among directories. Its main categories include logistics, insurance, construction, and IT. You can make a quick location-wise search and increase your visibility level.

27. Yelp:

This site is mainly used for online reviews and allows you to add simple information about your business. It has become more popular for people searching for local businesses based on their reviews.

28. Better Business Bureau:

BBB site is also a free listing site and it allows the consumers to search for businesses in a specific area and they are provided with the full information they look for. They also obtain BBB accreditation, which in turn helps them to promote their products and a Goodwill of their brand name.

29. Manta:

If an individual had registered on this site, then for sure his business could be found around 20 million customers online and give a heavy reach for your business. As an additional feature, it provides educational resources and even marketing tools that support the business.

30. Apsense:

Apsense is a business social network where people share their business with quality content that helps others to develop in their area of specialization. They also promote the exchange of business networks providing tools for users to easily communicate. Create content by yourself by which millions of users will find you.


World’s most powerful review platform and it is a free listing site open to all. Their goal is to be a universal symbol of trust in business marketing. People share their reviews which are considered as feedback and that results in the business’s continual improvement. It Brings people and businesses together to make things better. It is the most popular website.


This site is best suited for sales professionals, entrepreneurs, market researchers, and investors. It includes various features like advanced search, custom lists, personalized alerts, and CSV reports on sales.


It is one of the ultimate online shopping sites which mainly supports e-commerce and most reliable site in India. The site is user-friendly and enables customers to buy products with a breeze. It is the preferred choice of thousands of people. So once registered on this site your product would be viewed by many people and you can increase the visibility of your business too.

34. AngelList:

It is a user-friendly website for startup businesses. It helps to find the investor in the market and explore your products.


Community Walk is the fastest-growing site that helps in creating and exploring the most interesting maps on the internet. It also exhibits photos, comments, and fantastic maps of everything and anything in the world. It is a Community-based site built with a widget drive and API-First Platform.



It is one of the B2B online interface sites which endeavors a global status to all businesses irrespective of how small it is.

Exporters India helps in exhibiting products and it acts as a platform to promote an individual’s business online. One can find Manufacturers, Suppliers, importers and exporters, and service providers too. It is the best site for e-commerce solutions.


The best place to speak your mind and read what others try to say all about. It is one of the top most user-generated content spaces in India. Also, it is a review-based site that helps customers a lot.

38. Citysquares:

It is the best site to choose local businesses where it provides qualified local customers to small and independent business people. It also helps in advertising campaigns through enhanced business profiles. All of this is provided to the customer without complex variable pricing.


Gust is the Global SaaS platform for operating and investing in high-growth companies. It is the first company as a service for entrepreneurs that facilitates all the legal, financial, and back office operations for a high-growth venture.



It is one of the free local business listings that anyone can add their basic detail to and register here. Once registered here it directs sales leads and enquiries to your business.

if you’re looking for a business if you own a business, or if you know about a great – or not-so-great – local business, ExpressBusinessDirectory.Com is for you. It is indexed by Google and other search engines.


Businessworld is an array of news websites that mainly focuses on niche communities and readers across various industries. Various communities like CIO, Disrupt, Education, hotelier, people, etc. Also provides insights into emerging technologies and elucidates the role of the IT industry by enhancing business growth. It is also the media platform that covers almost all aspects of entrepreneurship in India.

42. Maharashtra

These directories are specialized in promoting the websites to top ranking among various search engines like Google, Yahoo, and AltaVista. As an additional feature in their development, they are Google Adwords Professional. They help in advertising on and its partner sites.


E-local is a performance-based advertising company and its ultimate goal is to connect consumers with local businesses, the special services they offer are home services, legal, Medical, Financial, and industrial verticals. It is the best site for advertising your business for free which in turn gives you enormous growth.


Myntra is one of the online shopping where it has a user-friendly interface that guides you through various selection processes. You can view various brands and price options all in one place. It also gives you comprehensive size charts and high resolution that helps in best buying decisions. If your products are registered here, then you would certainly have more chances of visibility by customers.

45. Find us

You might be a business owner, Service provider, community leader, or service seeker they exactly provide you by understanding your needs clearly. Your business I controlled by good quality of service. This is the place where you can attract new customers and encourage feedback all for free to develop your business.



It is one of the global business directories which aims at providing users with the best experience and offering them the complete information available. They ought to provide you with a fun, informative, and satisfying experience when searching for businesses here at Cybo. It covers nearly 100 million businesses in 20 countries all over the world.



Build your own city directory with your own domain name in just 5 minutes and enjoy the service offered to you. It helps all individuals in their own aspects and attracts many customers to your business and makes a brand reputation for your business at an international level.


It is one of the most famous business directories available and it mainly focuses on answering the questions asked by different persons in their business. A simple way to find solutions to their problems and also provide information about all businesses not only in India but all over the world so that you could be found by many customers very easily.


Once registered in Clickindia you will be able to sell and buy products by selecting the city of your choice. Their focuses are on jobs, Services, real estate and Products. They help you to get customers with great business profit and promote your business more effectively.

50. Hotfrog:

It is a hub for small businesses where it helps you in writing Google-friendly products and service information on Hotfrog. It also gives you some basic instructions on how to start your business here and some simple ways to get benefitted out of it. Trackdown the number of visitors who viewed your profile and have many advantageous features.


Add your business details for free in this directory and you would be got focused on buying and selling products and also it permits you to advertise your services or products. Various categories are service to industries, Packaging section, metallurgical section, chemical section, and mechanical engineering.

52. Indiabizclub:

It is one of the B2B directories available in India. It helps in finding, reaching, and communicating with your target audience and building a business network using their east to use web platform.

53. tuugo:

Discover thousands of businesses near you or publish your business for free. It is a worldwide business directory. Their mission is to build a community of businesses and consumers related to each other to meet all needs and thus generate closer contact between customers and companies Tuugo is free for both individuals and businesses.



It is one of the free listing business directories available and it allows users to improve your link popularity by guest blog posting. It covers nearly all business areas and once registered here you can also access lifetime membership by paying later to improve your business to the next level.







This is India’s number one local guide based on Google Ad Planner. It is the most reliable publicly available estimate of traffic on websites. It serves as a search engine. Also covers various functionalities like news, events, shopping, and entertainment in that particular area.

56. is a premier online portal catering to almost every web search in India. It features 11 different channels (based on user interests) providing information on Finance, Automobiles, Celebrities, Recipes, Travel, Astrology, Sports, Matrimonial & Mobile phones. Whether buying a new car, calculating your Income tax, preparing an Indian dish, searching for facts on Celebrities, or planning a trip anywhere in India, Surf India’s corresponding sections can assist you right from beginning to end.


India Catalog Web Directory of Top Indian Companies provides access to more than 20,000 websites. Individuals can Find products, services, addresses, phone numbers, and email details of top Indian companies. Browse industry categories and try to explore them effectively.

58. Fundoodata:

Fundoodata provides online Company Information about India. With each passing year, Fundoodata has tried to bring innovation and new services which can bring happiness to customers. Today Fundoodata became the leading provider of a database of companies. It is one of the B2B database services that rely on transparency, integrity, consistency, commitment, respect & credibility. They help in generating the most qualified sales leads by connecting to key executives.


Fundoodata is an online directory of Businesses and Services. It helps you expand your Business horizons by making your Business Searchable by popular search engines. It’s free and easy to create your Business profile. Once your Business profile is created it will be available to thousands of potential customers across the globe.



It is a single business listing everywhere that mainly focuses on increased reach bigger audience and rising sales. It is also an expert in fixing errors and providing high accuracy. Improves SEO and helps to rank higher. Be found locally.


Use the board to visually showcase your content on Trepup, and help customers to discover you and your products, with a quick and simple keyword search. Increase the mobility of your content sell more with high ratings, enjoy the power of email marketing, and shop quickly and confidently. Various other aspects are fulfilled here. Register here and enjoy the benefits.

62. Indianceo:

Indian CEO provides the latest business news about Indian CEOs, startups and business funding, founders’ news ideas, technology, apps, and gadgets. This business site helps upcoming business owners.


Grotal is a search engine with a difference. Most search engines crawl the web and give you information based on websites available around the world. Grotal sends out foot soldiers and collects data physically of businesses that have or who do not have a website.



64. is a free online business listing site in India. You can list your business or service for free in FreeListingIndia. The website helps to find companies, service providers, products, and all types of businesses in India.


It is one of the international business directories that helps to have the opportunity of being listed on a global website at no cost. Companies join every day to have their business listed on BIGWIGBIZ.COM to be viewed by millions of people. The key benefits of registering here are an increase in awareness, improve SEO, BIZ–rated, give value to your reputation.


This site has partnered with various small business organizations throughout the world to build a marketing platform that will help the business owner become more visible in the online world. The listing site helps small business owners gain credibility and develop the skills necessary to overcome technology barriers and compete in an ever-changing environment dominated
by Google.

67. is your trusted online source for comprehensive national and local business information. It offers simple affordable and reliable marketing tools that can reach your local customers and deliver qualified leads. This Business Listing solutions empower businesses by creating an effective web presence and avenues to market their products and services to national and international audiences online.


Free business marketing online. It is well known in various categories like sales, services, and business for small and big owners, cars, housing, animal, and pets.


It helps in finding the best social media, SEO, content marketing, Digital marketing, web hosting, guest posting services, and local business listings. Free classifieds sites and instant approval.


It is also one of the free business listing sites available worldwide. It includes various categories like Accommodation, Advertisements, Air tickets, Agriculture, business, and many more.


It is a free business listing site available in Chennai with various categories like automotive, Hotels, Real Estate, Restaurants, and services. It is a number one Directory solution that helps in claim promotion and conversion. They consider listing as an investment to keep us current in our community and to keep us relevant and our brand out there.


It is an online search facility company, that helps SMEs to showcase their products and services in the digital world. They connect companies with users who are looking for products and services online.


Infoline is a leading structured local search, directory, and media company that connects consumers and merchants through trusted content, local expertise, and user-friendly tools. By delivering trusted content empowers users to make easy decisions about where to spend their time and money.




A unique network that provides business information for buyers and sellers using integrated technology of yellow pages and classifieds to get the required information from anywhere at any time.


The name by itself in Hindi indicates it as a trader or businessman. It is the largest and oldest portal for distribution channel-related business information. Thousands of Manufacturers, Importers, Traders, etc. visit in search of suitable agents/distributors/franchises every day.

76. Indiasearch

It is one of the leading free business listing sites in India which allows everyone to register here and find appropriate profiles for the target audience based on their interest. Just you can give what and where you need the rest will be taken care of by the site.

77.” is a business/place search web application. Users can search for restaurants, nightlife spots, shops, services, and other points of interest and leave reviews and tips for other users. Business owners can advertise their services on the site. Any business type and points of interest can be submitted to Coop Cities.


It is an online local search service that helps buyers quickly and conveniently find businesses while helping sellers improve the effectiveness of their marketing spend. Visitors to the site get a unique experience through proprietary search technology and comprehensive local content. This unique local search service is available on Phone, Web, WAP, and SMS.



It is highly researched information about products or services. They offer business particulars, and details of service, and with companies of varying dimensions are deriving lasting benefits.

Enhance visibility all through popular search engines. Even though a multitude of classified advertisement websites is doing business but buysellcart has already made a huge name in the market with their service



Business owners get registered for free and also get verified business leads and visitors to their sites. One can feel incredible growth with


Indiaontrade site is a well-organized and successful medium to promote your products more effectively. It is one of the leading B2B and B2C Portal platforms which includes both buyers and suppliers. It is the best-suited place for business suppliers and increases brand recognition. The main diverse features at India on Trade will be is Customers at India on trade will be varied from various sources which include trade show organizers, multinational banks, Trade promotional bodies and Organizations, Wholesalers, Traders, Distributors, Service providers, Importers, Exporters, and Manufacturers of various business segments.


A1bizdirectory is best suited for small businesses with various categories. With some of the basic information, one can register their business with a1bizdirectory site and improve their link popularity, page rank, and Search Engine Ranking. The customers find the information given by the site very useful.


This site is best suited for entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners. It deals with various business brands like Google plus, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.Here you can submit your business and give a small description and also share your experience in the field. Here the trending brands and companies are Zoomcar, Quickcompany etc.


This site mainly deals with china based products and suppliers. It consists of various suppliers and manufacturers too. Well suited for export and import business. But not well-ranked.


SearchRunners is the fastest-growing business search engine that provides an opportunity for all sizes of businesses. The main attraction of SearchRunners which makes it different from other directory listing portals is its unique features which provide a platform for all individuals and businesses of any size across a wide range of categories to reach their end Customers with the same level of comfort. It supports both B2B and B2C operations.


Business listings in this platform is free for all business owners which helps the customers to find very easily based on the reviews and data available. It retains a powerful partnership with its enriched data and high coverage of almost 9,000,000 people around the globe using Opendi per month.


ServiceIndian team believes in the aspirations and confidence of any human are directly linked with the fitness and beauty of the person and everyone deserves to be fit and look charming. So they provide services for clothing, business, home, movies, printing, and travel. It also has some added features like experienced professional, on time service, best service guaranty, above all it is more reliable and transparent to the customers.


Gostartup is a tech media platform to connect & promote the startup ecosystem. Moreover, the team intends to provide information-worthy content to their users and hence put the best effort to maintain the quality of information shared.



It is a comprehensive online business directory. They strive hard to present Business information in an Easy, Informative, Useful, and Relevant manner. Some of the highlights of the directory which it deals with are, Products and services, detailed information about the company, Brand names in case don’t know the supplier name, etc.


It is also one of the free online business directories available in India and moreover, its business model mainly focuses on having long-term strategic relationships with clients and a significant portion of its revenue comes from repeat business from the client base extending across India.


Indiabusinessindex is the listing site that helps people find local businesses near you. They deal with many categories like Health and medical, transportation, education, arts and entertainment, etc. A few featured listings are Athena skin clinic Chandigarh and Omni Pacific colonizers at various locations.

92. is a group of various general web directories that lists various trusted websites under relevant categories and subcategories. They are committed to maintaining a high standard of listings to ensure the success of the listed sites. With the help of a search engine-friendly structure and a group of directories, they provide heavy traffic and strong links to the listed websites.


Linkcentre is one of the popular international directories and search engines. They aim at providing an easy-to-use, unique list of websites from around the world that you can browse for recreation or research.


It is one of the featured business directories which is highly responsible in Web designing, Search Engine Optimization, Software development, Bulk SMS services, Email marketing, and internet marketing.


By the name itself, it indicated that it is for entrepreneurs where “e” stands for entrepreneurs, and 27 is the median age of entrepreneurs. The crazy bunch working towards groundbreaking innovations. e27 is your go-to platform for news, community, events, talent, funding, and more. Everything you need to build a billion-dollar company.


It is the leading site that deals with customer ratings and reviews of businesses. These reviews help the customers to be confident that they buy products from the best company. After purchase, consumers can leave their own feedback and get help resolving any issues that might arise.



It is a business information site curated by the takes control of your business information. So once registered your business here automatically you can see various suggestions and reviews.


Free classifieds for businesses, companies, services, and shops. This is one of India’s best local business directories. This is considered the top leading solution to finding shops online in India. An online local business service that helps buyers quickly and conveniently to find shops and offices in their local area. Set up a free business listing in minutes.


A Unique B2B Portal for Business Success and Growth. Free Registration, all Trade Product/Service Directory, Articles, Easy Search Options, Buy Leads, sell leads, Dealer/ Distributor/ Agent (Wanted) Catalogs Resale of Products/ Machinery / Materials, etc., Business Offers, Valuable Information about new Projects, Information About Exhibitions and Events, and much more about Indian Business, Industry, and Market.

100. is an awesome way to find local businesses online. It is one of the fastest-growing Search engines which fills the gap between buyers and suppliers. All business owners can possess a free account where they will be able to post products, photos, deals, and messages from their customers.

The above-mentioned are the 100 Free Business listing sites in India that help in various ways to develop an individual business in all aspects. Moreover, already we had seen the ways to register in a business listing sites and the benefits of it and much more. You will also be able to add or update our business listings and here are,

Tips to Edit or Update information:

  • Log into the directory and navigate to profiles or settings which vary based on the web directory and now you can check and edit the relevant information corresponding to your business.
  • Always have a check in your contact details and also the landmark details also the Google map locations which helps the local customers to find you easily.
  • Make sure that you check weekly once or daily based on your convenience to the review received and reply to them and change accordingly for credible growth in your business.
  • Always update good-quality pictures and keep your customers engaged.

Benefits of Business listings are

Sustainability: For any business, it is more important to sustain in the market for a long period of time. Business directories helps in it.

Online visibility: If companies are listed on more sites then it would be easier or the chance would be better to connect with the target audience and improve your business.

Trust and accuracy: Your business is listed on more sites will definitely increase the trust and reliability of search engines based on the accuracy of the business data.

Ranking Top: As mentioned earlier, it also increases the chances of ranking top among the local search results.

Backlink of site

Improves Website Traffic and helps to show your business on the internet.

How to implement business listings?

One of the foremost aspects of implementing the business listings is to focus on Niche. If suppose, you possess a web development company then it would be better to choose better keywords based on your niche so that it helps the customers to identify you easily.

Secondly, your services and product should be defined clearly such as the working time, address and other details.

Criteria/Rules to qualify a business in local Business listings:

Avoid Spam websites:

If suppose there are some irrelevant or annoying ads in your business site, it will make the visitor to exit the site which leads to a poor recognition of your site.

Domain name Authority:

As one of the benefits of the business listing is Backlinks and if it is good on your site then automatically the site will pass with domain authority. There are many tools available in the market to inspect the domain authority for business listings.

Do follow links:

Every individual involved in business and who likes to list in business listings has to ensure that there is a balance in do follow links and hyperlinks in their corresponding websites.

The above-mentioned are some of the important rules in business listing apart from these there are a few factors still to be considered and they are,

Categories: It helps in displaying the commodities and services that are involved in an organization in their day-to-day activities. This would certainly make your listing more appropriate to the target audience.

Description: It is always a short brief note of a company’s offers and it also describes the services and products.

Tagline: All the business listings in India comprises this particular segment, which is being used to place the keyword which in turn helps in ranking the keywords and also increases the ranking on online searches.

Images: This is the main segment in business listings where the logo of the brand is uploaded which speaks about the brand recognition. Moreover, it increases visual communication.

Recently business listing sites in India has become a center of attraction to get many businesses connected with the target audience. With the above-mentioned details, a company gets complete and creates a comprehensive reach and visibility to the customers.

Always it is better to list your website in free business listing sites and if you get profited and also for the betterment of your business you can pay and purchase it from the below listings.

Finally, do a quick search for your business on the search engine that will help you understand whether the information you have updated is easily visible to a user.

To conclude,

Hope you had the quality and relevant information required for the success of your business. A good business listing makes you a complete professional, comprehensive, clear, and accurate. What for waiting start listing your business on a business listing site that is convenient for you and search to see how your competitors exhibit their products and compete with them to be at the top. Last but not least “the more you learn the better way to promote your business”.