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Facebook Advertising: Facebook Makes It Easier To Split Test Ads

Facebook provides paid advertising to help business people to reach their potential customers by using Facebook as a medium. Facebook updates many things in its advertising interface to make the publishers plan their campaign in a more strategic way and to get more leads for their business.

split test ads in facebook

Facebook has introduced a term to help the business people to run test Ads and compare the performance of those Ads. Now it’s easier to compare the performance of two Ads and find out why the Ads are not performing well and optimize that. This is also called A/B testing.

Facebook Introduces Split Test Ads:

On top of all, Facebook has added another option to split the test Ads which are optimized for page likes or post engagement or any event responses. This Facebook split is very much suited for other campaign types as well like Lead Generation, App Install, Video views, etc.

facebook ad performance split test ads

Advantages of Facebook Split Test:

Facebook’s split testing helps you to identify the best version of you’re the Ads that are being tested based on factors like lowest cost per result, similar factors. Marketers that wish to run multiple split tests can now duplicate the Ads in the existing test instead of creating the new one.

Facebook also introduced a new dashboard to help the advertisers to generate reports based on the performance of the Ad Campaigns. Advertisers can easily add or remove the columns in the report and can download them with a single click from Facebook. This has reduced the report generation work of the advertisers in a huge way.

facebook ad performance - split test ads

As a business person, when your Ads are not performing well on Facebook, you can just use the Facebook split test to see the performance of the Ad and optimize it to perform well. You can avail  the Facebook Advertising services from the best digital marketing agency in India like ClickDo to get more leads for your business from Facebook. Our digital marketing experts will plan the Facebook Campaigns in a more strategic way and will help you get more leads from Facebook.

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