5 Digital Marketing Trends You Must Be A Master in 2018

Digital Marketing Platform is getting wide every day through different platforms in different ways. In 2018, You must be a master of the following trends to evolve inside the digital marketing lifestyle.

Video Marketing:

Considering the impact left in 2017 by video marketing, 2018 will be a game changer. Every big industry is giving their full efforts on building customer experience for bringing in more engaging audience. Anything in a visual format will seek the higher attention of the users. In such case, video marketing will get back up to 70% of internet users traffic. If you haven’t touched the video marketing strategy, don’t worry, you’re never late to get into this part of digital marketing.


The chatbots are in trend to convert the live audience into a customer of the business. It will help you to answer the immediate questions raised by a visitor by making them in your website for a long time. This will also help in SEO by reducing the bounce rate.

Chatbots - digital marketing trend

Story Telling:

Storytelling is one of the very basic to understand to know “why it is in digital marketing trends?”. Everyone grew by reading books and stories. A content has to be in such a way that it should make users understand and relate themselves to the content. Creative storytelling by inducing the brand’s purpose will make people remember for a period of time.

Growth Hacking:

Though people say it as a word which can only create buzz around the market, it has some serious thing to be learnt by an entrepreneur. Sean Ellis is the person who coined the term “Growth hacking”. It is the way of approaching a business with different marketing strategy to increase sales. In 2018, experts considering, SEO and Video Marketing as #1 growth hacking strategy for any business.

Growth Hacking - 5 Digital Marketing Trends in 2018

UGC – User Generated Content:

It’s a normal person’s psychology to know what other person says about a product/service. In that way, a good service/product will receive huge number of positive feedback, which can be fed in a website for more audience attention and gain good impact on a business.

User Content 5 Digital Marketing Trends in 2018