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Excellent Ways To Use Ad Extension In Google Adwords

Ad Extension is some extra piece of information about your product or service. Google allows this feature at no additional cost. Ad Extensions are used in an expanded text ad to provide more useful and relevant information to the searches. This feature makes your Ad to display more informative in google search instead of displaying in a simple manner.

Excellent ways:

Today we are going to dig 2 excellent and creative ways to make our Google AD more informative than normal.

1. Message Extension
2. Daily Callout Extension

#1: Message Extension:

As per the recent research, 80% of the people use mobile to search products or service. Google understands that most of the people spend most of the time on their on a smartphone. Hence, people find it easy to use thumbs instead of mouths and ears.

Creating message extensions helps people to use their smartphone reach advertisers via sending SMS instead of having to make a call.

In campaigns (using broad keywords), you can apparently avoid these message extension feature altogether. In informational campaigns (using a phrase or exact match keywords), you should use these feature for their deliberate purpose. You can respond to questions via text message. When it grows to high-intent, high-value keywords or branded keywords, get your candidates on the phone by responding them properly.

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#2: Daily Callout Extension:

Use of Message extension is not widespread, even this feature, relatively new. But when it comes to callouts, they are more stable in AdWords account. As a successful advertiser, each and everyone well known about this Callout Extension feature and their importance. Callout extension gives an extra value to your brand.

As a result, Callout Feature is straightforward, it provides quick supporting information about your business. This extension should be used at the Campaign Level.

This callout extension, can be used for all the business. When you provide quality information about your business, it would be helpful for users to understand your business easily. The callout should be simple English and easily understood by the customers.

These 2 great feature help you to promote your business by giving additional information and creating callouts that are best suited for people. Make your online business a successful one by using all the best features given by Google and making your customer happy.