YouTube Introduces Live Streaming From Desktops

Are you aware? That the live videos generate more traffic more interaction with the online users and it is found that the live videos have six times more reach among the people than the standard videos. Especially on Facebook, live videos are given more priority and are shown on top of the news feed. The main reason for good reach on live videos is that they make the online users have to interact directly with the business people and share their idea.

YouTube Introduces Live Streaming Desktops

The advantage of Live Videos:

The main advantage of live videos is that it will make your potential customers interact with your business. As a business people, you can conduct many live sessions online by conducting any product launch, step by step guide to use your product, etc. It depends on the domain you are working in. Live videos will generate six times more interaction than the normal videos.

YouTube Introduces Live Streaming From Desktops Devices

Live on Youtube:

By knowing the reach of live videos online, business people had started doing many live sessions. Hence to make this more useful Youtube has introduced live videos from desktop devices. Youtube is introducing an easier and simple way to start a live stream from the desktop computer. Previously it was not a simple thing to start a live video from the desktop computer. It involves a multi-step process comprising the use fo encoder and many more things. But to make it simple Youtube has introduced the live video streaming from the desktop devices with a single click.

YouTube Introduces Live Streaming From Desktops

Youtube users can start a live stream from the desktop devices by using any browser application. Just going to and clicking on “Go Live”, you can start the live streaming online. The main advantage is that you no need to download any software additionally.

Hence as a business people to grow your brand online plan for a live session at least once a week. This will generate more traffic to your business and make your brand grow online. Live videos help you to increase the ROI organically.