What is Social First? and Why it is Important Over Mobile First Approach?

Experts who are in digital marketing have been hearing a word “Mobile First” for a long time now. When you’re started concentrating on mobile first, in meantime social media users in India are growing higher. As of 2017, around 200 million users have started to access social media in India. 200 million will never go down as an audience to be avoided. So, move on from “Mobile First” to “Social First”.

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What is mean by “Social First”?

Similar to “mobile first”, “social first” is a shorter format for audience first priority. Though People are highly distracted, they’re more concern about the technologies around them. They want digital medium to provide them what they really want with relevancy, ease of use and moreover in quick real time.

At first, people will start to use every social media platform, then they will realize where the original content is generating that could help them in any way. Here, the digital marketing experts will start to analyze where user data are generating and start to concentrate on marketing in those particular social media. The problem will slowly reduce for user and marketing heads since both will be in an area where they gather data and market respectively.

Today, people of all age groups are spending atleast an hour on social media platforms. In which, the youngster and teens, who are the next generation consumers, spending an average of 3 hours in social platforms. So, marketing an industry through Tv or paper is no more going to work, where the users in social media who influence the brand will spread traffic to more number of regular audience.

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What are Things to consider about “social first”?

  • Listening:

    • Understanding the insights of audience’s conversation is the most underutilized factor. When you start to listen, you get an idea of what the users are expecting and serve them in a better way.
  • Target on Target:

    • Analyze the user activities and target the potential audience through right platform. Facebook can be a platform to target the wide audience, whereas Instagram will have a huge set of young minds around the age of 20.

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  • Rules of Engagement:

    • Each platform has its own set of audience, who will react differently to different platforms. Cross-posting will reduce your efforts, at the same time, it will reduce the ROI because of the content and audience engagement in different platforms.
  • Response to Audience:

    • You can’t take “responding to the audience” as an option, it is a mandatory thing to be followed. Serve your audience to ensure that we take care every activity by the customer.

A social-first approach allows you to brand in a way the people react to your valuable content. Work on sensible content for each social media platforms to get back the audience engagement and traffic.