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Stop Outdated Social Media Tactics

Out Dated Social Media Strategies

Today the entire digital world is running behind social media. As per the recent survey, the social media users are increasing every single day. To reach the potential customers, businesses use many social media tactics. There are lots of Social media updates to help business to easily reach customers. Meanwhile, businesses might be worried about their ROI. When the social media systems evolve with advanced techniques, businesses should get adapted with the update. Only then, ROI will increase. Here are 2 outdated tactics, one must stop to increase ROI.

1: Keep on Posting:

Every business will have their own content in their social media posts. Most of the businesse’s social media pages will be packed with content links or non engaging media they share on social media. But, if you share only the links on the social media, some of your followers may lose interest. This may also lead to unfollowing of users from your business page. Most of the users don’t like to view the promotional content alone. Instead, you may share some interesting things about your business. Like you can share some useful content to your audience, share your product offer details, also you can share a creative and useful image. When you have mixed content in your social media posts, users get to engage with your page and they may not get bored.

2: Immediate Follow Message:

When someone is interested in your business and hits to follow the social media page. When the user hits follow and they get their immediate reply like:

“Hello, Username” It looks great to connect with you, Hope you are well. My name is “the consultant name” and happy to help you.

Most users are not interested in getting this message. Also, sending an immediate reply after users follow up looks like impersonal and this may give users an annoying feeling. Hence, instead of making your sales on social media, build a relationship. The user’s relationship with your business can give a trust.

Use social media to engage your customers and build a relationship. Instead of just posing content, give some useful and interesting things, so that users can engaged with your business on Social Media. Building trust is an important factor on social media.