quora for seo and online marketing

How To Use Quora Effectively For SEO & Online Marketing?

What is Quora?

Quora is a familiar online question/answer platform. Using Quora any user can ask question or answer. Also, users can give upvotes to the answers if they find that it is useful or more specific to the question. Quora has a lot to do for the online marketers to help in SEO and content marketing too. Using Quora, SEO Experts can gather links to the site by answering the questions relevant to their domain or industry. Using Quora, you can also increase the traffic to the website if it is used in a proper way.

effectively use quora for seo

Strategies to use Quora effectively:

As the links from the Quora are No-follow links, many SEO Experts try to gather links from SEO. Website with the equal number of do follow and no follow links look less spammy and hence it is liked by the Google. Despite helping your SEO, No-follow links help to increase the trust flow which inturn increases the rankings.

  • Build Your Authority:

In Quora, by answering the search related questions and the topics that are related to your business. You can build your authority online and can promote your business. Quora has over 100 million visitors per month and hence it gives you the access to a lot of conversations related to your business.

how to use quora for seo & online marketing

  • Get In Touch With Your Customers:

In Quora, users will post many questions related to your business. As a business people or SEO Expert try to find out the potential questions on Quora with more followers and give a crispy answer to it by keeping a link to your website. While users read your answer, they will be tempted to click on the link and will visit your website to explore more about the particular topic.

  • Quora Blogs:
    how to use quora for seo

Quora also gives the publishers a chance to publish blogs and populate the content online. By using blogs on Quora, you can publish contents with appropriate tags to reach the users online.

Thus as a business crew trying to get more reach in online for your brand, use the Quora effectively to interact with your target audience.