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Facebook: Measure Post Reach Based on Actual Views

Facebook Marketing

Today Facebook marketing is booming like anything. Reaching potential customers through Facebook seems to be easy and quick. Hence, marketers prefer Facebook as a main source to reach the customers. Also, Facebook gives us more updates to reach our customers easily. One of the updates is post reach measure based on the actual data.

How it’s Calculated?

Basically, the post reach in Facebook is calculated based on how many times the post has been loaded on the news feed. Once the post distributed in news feed, Facebook counts that as the view. Even if you don’t scroll down to see the post, Facebook doesn’t consider. It just counts as a view, once the post delivered in news feed. How many times the post is being loaded in the news feed, it counts based on that.

Facebook update on February, has a significant change in the post reach calculation. Facebook will calculate reach based on how many times the post enter a users screen. This update will make post reach more consistent. By this update, the post reach metric can decrease, but it displays accurate data because all the post reach has been recorded in actual views. Also, to help marketers to get adapt to the reporting on a new metric, Facebook displays the old metric in the page insights section.

Facebook is also updating the Page Insight User Interface on Mobile. Below listed things has been viewed on the Mobile:

  1. Common Page Diagnostic.
  2. Result Actions that are taken recently
  3. New page Engagement preview.