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New Tool to Post Personal List in Facebook

In this Digital Economy, Facebook usage has tremendously increased world wide. People from different parts of the world connect through Facebook and share their thoughts. Users post their photos, events and more personal feelings, activities on their timeline. Day to day the Facebook users are increasing and post update is skyrocketing! People update their status as a big list in their timeline. That is, Facebook users in recent days started to post their status as a long list. Hence, to helps users, Facebook has released a new timeline tool for creating and posting a personal list on Facebook. The list includes; to do list, list of dreams, list of travel destinations and much more. The list can include any kind of post.

Feature update in Facebook:

This feature update has been found last month and now it has been operated extensively. This update helps people to know about themselves well. Also, Facebook promises to make this feature update a more personal for Facebook users. This type of personal post list helps users to engage more with their friends and family. This update keeps users inside the Facebook ecosystem to share their content, that is, users are less inclined to share content from outside sources.

As long as the world is accessed through the web, the one thing that doesn’t change is people’s affinity to share a list of contents. Hence, this feature would be a big deal for Facebook, once everyone in the world gets access to it.

If you own a Business, never worry! Facebook has a lot of updates in their pipeline to help business do better when it comes to targeted marketing activities using Facebook for Business.