Google To Introduce Instagram Like Stories In Search Results

Instagram Stories:

The Instagram story is the feature which lets the users post the photos or videos which will vanish after 24 hours automatically. In Instagram, if you set your account to private, then the story can only be seen by your followers and also you can hide the story from certain people even though they follow you. Instagram allows the business people to run Ads on the stories. Instagram has initially introduced this feature, later this was replicated in other social platforms like Facebook and Whatsapp.

Google To Introduce Instagram Like Stories

Google To Introduce Instagram Like Stories In Search Results:

Google is testing its own version of stories which is popularized in platforms like Instagram and Snapchat. Google is working on introducing AMP Stories, The AMP stories will allow the publishers to post the tap through the piece of content which can be linked from anywhere else on the web. The difference of AMP Stories when compared with Instagram stories is that Instagram stories can be viewed only on the Instagram network, whereas AMP stories are just like another piece of content on the Internet.

Instagram Like Stories In Search Results

AMP Stories are the HTML web pages which are built on the technical infrastructure of the AMP, This can be indexed by the Google Search on mobile and can be rendered instantly. The catch here is that the publishers have to host each AMP story on their own site. With AMP stories being hosted on a publisher’s website it also means that they can last forever on the internet.

Google is working on to make the whole process easier for publishers by introducing layouts, templates, standardized UI controls and also components for sharing. Using the AMP stories publishers can add images, videos and text elements to their stories.

Google To Introduce Instagram Like Stories In Search Results

Initially, Google will index the AMP stories on search results on a limited basis. Only stories from the following publishers like CNN, Conde Nast, Hearst, Mashable, Meredith, Mic, Vox Media, The Washington Post are expected to be displayed in the Google search results. Google has also planned to expand the AMP stories across the search results in the future.