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Different Way to Integrate Google Remarketing Tags For Your Website

Google Remarketing is the most effective way to increase the conversion rate for a business. Nowadays Business people started to understand the importance of remarketing to make more conversion and brand awareness. Google Remarketing can be implemented only through Google Display Network and its effectiveness is completely based on the campaign setup.

Google Remarketing is the way of targeting the customers who visited our website atleast once after implementing the tracking code. Customers data will be collected by integrating a piece of code in your website and also you can’t see those captured information. What you can see is just the count and also you must have some minimum amount of users like 1000 to provide remarketing.

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How to Integrate?

If you are a business person then you must know about Google Analytics integration. It is completely similar to that and you can integrate by inserting the Remarketing codes or else through Google Analytics itself. There are various ways to integrate the Remarketing Tag in your website as mentioned below.

Through Google Tag Manager

If you are integrating the scripts or codes through Google Tag Manager then that’s excellent job. Because it is the recommended and safest way to integrate the scripts in your website.

In Google Tag Manager you can see the option like Remarketing Code where you can place the code that you have generated from the Googel AdWords Account.

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In Google AdWords, under Audience manager you can create the new audience list for website visitors. There you will receive a piece of code and also you can see the options to integrate using Google Tag Manager. If you click on that option you can see the remarketing code which you want to paste it in Google Tag Manager.

Through Google Analytics

You can directly integrate remarketing tags for your website through Google Analytics. But before that you must integrate your Google Analytics with Google Adwords. In Google Analytics, switch to Admin setting of that particular property and select the audience definition. Now click on Audiences and create new audience set. There you can set the remarketing tags just by following on screen instructions.