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Instagram New Update in Stories: Screenshots will be Caught

Instagram is one of the major platform in the world of social media and it’s all set to go viral and grow wider among the common people! Instagram users post their activities as a story. Today in this digital world, Instagram users have increased while compared to other platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Also, more people love to post their stories in their newsfeeds. Instagram is a secure app where no people can download pictures from a users account. But now there is a third-party app to save your liked photos from other people timeline. That is only a third party app, whereas we don’t have any direct option on Instagram to download photos.

Now, Instagram is working on a new update! Where the user will be alerted if someone takes a screenshot of their photos.

After this update, for the first time when you take a screenshot, you will be warned because Instagram wants to show the new feature.

For the second time, the user will be reported in stories options, to know who had taken a screenshot or done a screen recording of your story without your consent. The users don’t have full freedom to take a screenshot from someone’s profile and being anonymous all the time.

It may look safe for someone, for others, it will look limited to use Instagram. This the reason why Instagram still holds this update as a limited edition for testing purpose.