401 Unauthorized error

How to fix 401 Unauthorized Error & Why it occurs?

401 Unauthorized error

If you’re accessing the website and ending up with the error page is the most frustrating one even if it’s your website or others.

HTTP 401 Unauthorized Error is the HTTP Status Code which denotes that the request sent by the client could not be authenticated. This means, the requested resource is restricted and requires authentication but the client fails to provide that authentication.

Here, we’ll examine the 401 Unauthorized Error causes and the possible ways to fix it by user end.

Below are the different ways of error messages that might appear,

  • 401 Unauthorized
  • Authorization Required
  • HTTP Error 401 – Unauthorized
  • Error 401 – Unauthorized
  • 401 Authorization Required
  • 401 – Unauthorized: Access is denied due to invalid credentials

Causes for 401 Unauthorized Error

It will happen when your browser denies you to access the page that you’re trying to visit.

Various reasons for this error message is as follows,

  • Incorrect URL
  • Invalid Credentials
  • Browser Cache and Cookies
  • Plugin Incompatibility

401 Unauthorized Error

How to fix 401 Unauthorized Error?

Check the URL: The very first thing you have to check is, the URL that you have entered is correct. 401 error sometimes displays if the URL you entered is incorrect. Or else, the link you used may be pointed to the wrong URL or no longer exists.

Clear the cache: The browser stores the cache of the page that you visited already in order to improve the performance.   So there may be incorrect cache data or cookies. Clear the cache and cookies and check.

Valid Credentials: There may be incorrect access that you have entered. Check the access details correctly and space in front and back of the credentials.

Flush DNS: If the above two methods didn’t work, go for this. Flush your DNS and check.

Deactivate Plugins: This error may cause because of some plugins. Few plugins are configured to show 401 if they suspect login activity. So, deactivate all the plugins and check by activating them one by one.

Log in and Log out: During the maintenance time of websites, this error will occur. So, a simple log out and login may solve this issue.

Check with these possible ways to fix the 401 unauthorized error.


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