Google My Business Error Fixed

Unable to Upload Video in Business Listing – Google My Business

Google My Business

The Importance of Listing your business in Google My Business is keep on increasing day by day due to its preference over the web. If a person searches for a business over the web or maps, the Business Listing will be shown on the top. Ranking in Google My Business gives some confidence and trust about the Business among the people.

Nowadays the Business listing results were shown in top among the organic and paid search results. The Structure of Search Engine Result Page is looking like Google My Business Listings, Paid Search Results and Organic Results. Because of this the Value and traffic of an Organic Search Results was reduced a lot.

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Upload Video Option

Last Week(Jan – 2018) Google Launched its new feature “Upload Video Option” in Google My Business. But there are various problems faced by the people while uploading Videos in Google My Business Listing.

They were not able to upload Videos even though if the Video follows all the conditions suggested by Google. Some of them are

  • The Maximum Video Size must be 30 seconds.
  • Video will be processed to live within 24 hours.
  • Your customers can also post the Videos.


Google My Business Bug – Confirmed & Solved

Most of the people faced difficulty in uploading the video in Google My Business. Everyone were in thought that there is something wrong with their video and that’s the reason it is not getting uploaded.

Google confirmed that it is a Bug and they rectified it as well. Also the videos were getting processed to live within minutes & seconds. But as per their release, the video processing and uploads will take 24 hours to become live. So if you faced any difficulties in uploading the video in previous days, you can try this option now.

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