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Google Drops Quick Links From Google Search App

Nowadays Google is keep on updating their tools and applications to bring some positive change. Quick Links is one of the latest feature which is removed from the Google Search Application.

If you are using Android Mobile then you must come across it at least once. I am not sure it have created some positive impact but it acts as a short links to your favourites. As people started searching for their favourite things directly, Quick Links doesn’t create any positive impact among the people.

google quick links

Some of the things listed in the Quick Links are

  • Weather
  • Dining
  • Entertainment
  • Sports and so on.

Why Quick Links Removed from Google Search?

Most of the People didn’t use Quick Links“is the Simple reason for Removal of Quick links from Google Search Application. If particular thing is used by more people or if people is showing some interest over it, then it’s the responsibility of the creator to optimize it and to update it to next level. But if something is not effective for the people and if suppose it is not used by wide range of people then they must replace something which makes the people more comfortable.

Google removed quick links

Official news from the Google is that, they removed quick links intentionally and it is not a bug. He also mentioned that “Quick link is removed and new feed experience is launched for the search app which makes it easier to discover”.

Google Quick links removed

Most of the people were not aware about the feature “Quick Links” as they didn’t make use of it. Also Google’s analysis will have some strong data about the usage of the particular feature and that might be the reason behind the removal of Quick Links from the Google Search Application.