google assistant feature update

Google Assistant’s New Update

Google Assistant is a voice-controlled intelligent assistant. It was originally designed to be a personal assistant and developed on Google’s existing OK Google voice controls. Google has now announced a new update to Google assistant. The update includes two main features, more language support, and more integration with third-party devices.

Two Core Features:

Google has been planning to update Google Assistant with routines and location-based reminders.

Routines are the series of customised events that perform when an appropriate word is spoken. Also, Google is going to roll out an ability to set reminders with smart speakers. Also, there will be more support for location-based reminders.

For Instance: By Saying Ok Google with a “command” can trigger the assistant to perform the command in Routines.

In Reminders, for instance: one can set the meeting reminder and the assistance remain you on time.

Language support:

Google is going to upgrade the assistant with more language support. People can use their own language and be comfortable with an assistant. Google has announced that the assistant will be available with 30 languages by the end of the year. There are currently 8 languages supported. In near future, Danish, Dutch, Hindi, Thai and more languages will be supported.

Integration with third-party devices:

Google is planning to make Google assistant more phone-friendly. So, it has been working Original Manufacturer Equipment. This OEM program is to bring Assistant to a non-android phone.

This program helps to build a longer integration between assistant and device features. The integration may include listening for OK Google when the phone switch is off, the device-commands and more. Also, you can make custom integration like making changes to your phone, getting your phone account balance and much more.