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Advance Audience Targeting Tactics in AdWords

Why Audience targeting is important in AdWords:

Targeting the right audience is an important factor for successful business. Google gives many features to target our potential customers and show them an ad. Based on your advertisement goal and search network that you prefer you can target audience. You can target people based on their location, device, age group and more.

Audience Targeting

In the past, advertisers able to target custom audience through Google search network list, creating “audience list” based on the list of users who have already visited the site. By using this list, target the audience by uploading the audience in mailing list features. Here are few advanced audience targeting tactics that would be useful to reach your potential customers.

1: Smarter Remarketing:

Remarketing the business to the people who have already visited your website is one of the smarter ways. Adding your audience list to AdWords allows you to customize your ad campaign based on the user behavior with your Website. Based on your user’s action with your website, you can create a list of an audience with a new campaign and tailor your bids & targeting options and show your ad to the potential customers.

Smart Remarketing

2: Social Audience with Remarketing:

You can upload your social media users in the AdWords remarketing list. There are more than 10 million monthly users on the Facebook. This data would be useful for advertisers to show their search ads to the particular audience. Unlike AdWords, Facebook has more information on what users really Like or follow. Also, it provides in-depth data from users individual profiles. Advertisers using Facebook and AdWords both as for marketing their brands usually don’t share insights from one platform to another. When you share the insights that would be the better choice.

Social Audience

3: Custom Affinity Audience:

Once Google launched custom affinity audiences to provide advertisers a control over audience targeting decisions on the display network. This launch solves the regular issue with Google AdWords affinity audiences. You can create a specific audience list using free-form interest entered as a keyword.

Setting the customer affinity audience targeting on Adwords Display campaign
Targeting -> Interests & Remarketing -> Custom Affinity -> New Custom Affinity