How To Optimize The Google Adwords For Voice Search

How To Optimize The Google Adwords For Voice Search?

Google Adwords is the paid advertising platform developed by Google to help the business people to get more leads from the online mediums. In the recent times, people started using the voice search instead of manually typing in the search queries. To make this even better Google has working on voice search to provide the most relevant results to the users when they are searching using different slangs. Now here let’s see the ways of optimizing the Google Adword Campaign for voice searches.

google voice search

Step 1: 

Check whether your Adword campaign is already receiving traffic from the voice search. When you are receiving quite a maximum number of clicks from the voice searches. Then you can download the keyword data for which you are receiving clicks and then optimize the campaigns based on that.

Step 2:

From the data that you have got from the existing campaigns, filter out the negative terms which are not relevant to your business or domain. Add those keywords to the negative keyword list so that you will not get clicks for your Ad for that terms. This will reduce the unwanted clicks on your Ad.

Optimize The Google Adwords For Voice Search

Step 3:

The voice search queries will contain mostly the terms like “how to”, “what is”, etc. Make sure that you don’t waste your clicks for this kind of terms. This kind of search queries made by people are just made to know about a particular thing and not to avail the service. Hence, try to avoid the clicks for this kind of search queries.

Step 4:

The important thing to note in the voice search is that the potential customer searching for a service or product will not use the voice search in most cases. But there is certain kind of business services which the people will search maximum by using voice searches. For example, “hotel near me”, “taxi near me”, etc. This kind of queries can be done using voice search based on the need.

Tips To Optimize The Google Adwords For Voice Search

Thus as a business people, based on your domain or business you can plan the Google Adword strategy and optimize the campaigns based on that to get more clicks. Avail the digital marketing services from the best digital marketing agency in India like ClickDo to create and monitor the Adwords campaigns for your business very closely.